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Knee Replacement in Bali

The Ultimate Guide to Knee Replacement in Bali

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The knees are weight bearing joints with great flexibility. However, knees do get damaged due to age, sports, accidents and disease, which may potentially restrict your lifestyle considerably. Getting a knee replacement can help to return mobility to your life.

Walking, running, other sporting activities, arthritis, rheumatism, bone disease, cancer, fracture, sports injuries and the like cause stress to the knee joints and these can wear out. The bones, muscles and cartilage get affected and once all other non- surgical options like exercise, medication and other remedies are exhausted then knee replacement is the only option left.

What is a knee replacement?

Arthroplasty, as the surgery is called, may involve total or partial knee replacement. In the first, the lower end of the thigh bone and the upper part of the shin bone are replaced with artificial joints. In partial knee replacement only one side (the damaged side) of the knee is replaced. Both surgeries have their pros and cons but which one the doctor recommends really depends on how much your knees are damaged and where. You may also require surgery only in one knee or in both. These are calls that an orthopedic surgeon can make.

Why consider knee replacement in Bali?

Knee replacement surgery is done only on medical advice, so it should ideally be covered by some form of medical insurance or other. But if you don’t have medical insurance, if there is a long waiting list for the procedure or you have projected out of pocket expenses that make it unaffordable, then you can explore your options to get it done quickly and at a place and time of your choosing. And Bali should make it on the top of your list of medical tourism destinations.

That is because it has good quality medical facilities that rival the best in the world. The doctors are well trained, qualified, experienced and speak English. Many have got most or part of their advanced training in western countries. New hospitals and clinics are modern, conforming to internationally-recognized hygiene and safety protocols, like the International Standards Organization’s. Besides, the island is easily accessible from Australia (and indeed the rest of the world) and you get a visa-free entry for 30 days as long as you have a valid passport.

Bali, if you didn’t know, is also a tremendous holiday destination. It has everything you need to make for a great vacation – glorious beaches and coastlines, stunning scenery, traditional Indonesian culture, amazing dining-out options and activities that range from the sedate to the high-octane. Add in luxury hotels and spa facilities – and there is very little more you’d want from a holiday location.

Why can’t you book on your own?

Knee replacement surgery is major surgery. The doctor needs to decide on the kind of artificial knee joint that will be right for your problem and do the surgery correctly. You can suffer if the correct joint is not used or something goes wrong during the operation as the surgery is not without complications. Among the complications that are possible are numbness, nerve damage, bleeding, infections, instability, excess scar tissue formation and constant pain. It is best not to add to your risk factors by booking on your own.

The safest way is to book through Medical Departures. We only list places that have passed our exacting standards and checks on our website. Additionally, we check out the background, medical training, qualifications, accreditations and other details of the doctors that are working at the medical centers. This ensures greater protection for you, minimal risk and better facilities and all this at a reasonable price.

How long does knee replacement take and what is the downtime associated with it?

The time taken for the surgery really depends on the surgery you need and the kind of replacement joint that is used. It can vary from one to three hours. The surgery is usually done under general anesthesia and you are carefully monitored during the procedure. You will be on intravenous fluids and medications during and after the surgery.

You will need to stay in hospital for three to five days and this can go up to even 10 days if you have had both knees done at the same time. You will require drains and bandages. However, while your pain should be managed, you will start physiotherapy the very next day with muscle strengthening exercises and physical rehabilitation. Most likely you will be on your feet the next day after surgery with the help of walking aids and you should not leave the hospital till you are somewhat mobile. While recovery will take around six to eight weeks, full recovery can take as much as 12 weeks.

What is the cost of knee replacement in Bali?

The cost of knee replacement in Australia is exceptionally expensive, running to over AUD $50,000 (NZD $54,000; US$38,000; CAD 50,000; UK £30,000; EUROS €36,000). However, in Bali it’s much less with savings between 50 and 70% highly achievable.

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