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Gastric Bypass in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Gastric Bypass in Bangkok

Struggling with weight loss and the costs of weight loss surgery? A gastric bypass in Bangkok may seem like a drastic measure, but then isn’t any weight loss surgery? Saving 40 – 60% on the costs is enough to think about it as a serious option.

Gastric bypass is the most common form of bariatric (weight loss) surgery, and works by either limiting how much you can eat, or by reducing the absorption of nutrients, or both. It is usually performed if you have serious health problems caused by your weight, or when dieting and exercise have not worked for losing weight.

If you’re looking at weight loss surgery then it’s more than likely your weight is going to cause, if it isn’t already, additional health problems. Obviously, you will have to consider traveling to Bangkok very carefully, but one think you won’t have to worry about is the quality of the services, which are exemplary.

Why should I consider Bangkok for gastric bypass surgery?

If the cost is an issue at home, then Bangkok may offer you a more affordable alternative. Surgery is still expensive and you will need to factor in additional costs such as flights and accommodation, but as the cost of living is lower in Thailand, your everyday expenses should be considerably less than at home.

You should spend at least 2 weeks in Bangkok after your surgery, and ideally a little longer. You’ll find lots of fantastic accommodation options at reasonable prices for recuperation, with all the facilities and amenities you would expect in order to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Once you are up and about you can take it as easy as you like in the city, just walking around and enjoying the sights, to taking in a show or even watching Thai boxing. There’s plenty to do that doesn’t require too much exertion.

As with any surgical procedure, you should find out as much as you can about your procedure before you embark on the process. Obviously, your surgeon in Bangkok will discuss everything clearly with you when you arrive, but if you’ve already read up on the procedure, you’ll know exactly what questions to ask to put your mind at ease.

Bangkok’s healthcare facilities are far from being third-world with world-renowned hospitals, professionals with experience, expertise and qualifications, and, of course, that legendary Thai hospitality.

Medical Departures partners with only the best, and we make sure of this by doing our own background checks which include clinic/hospital visits, confirmation of doctor qualifications, professional registrations and international accreditation, as well as collecting real patient testimonials. Check out the information on our website, which is freely available, and have a look at high-definition photos and virtual video tours to help you make up your mind.

Any kind of surgery carries a slight risk, so make sure you choose a clinic and surgeon with reliable credentials.

What is a gastric bypass?

Gastric bypass surgery makes your stomach smaller and shortens the length of the small intestine. This means you will only be able to eat small amounts of food as most of your stomach and small intestine will be bypassed.

Am I a suitable candidate?

You are a suitable candidate if you are morbidly obese, with a body mass index (BMI) of (usually) over 40, or if you have a medical condition, such as high blood pressure, which would benefit from you losing weight.

You will need to be healthy enough to undergo surgery and should be committed to losing and maintaining weight loss in the future.

What does the treatment involve?

Prior to surgery your surgeon may ask you to prepare by stopping smoking (if you smoke), as smoking impairs the healing process, as well as increasing your chances of infection or blood clots. You may also be asked to embark upon a diet low in fats, sugars and carbohydrates and to drink no alcohol for 2 weeks’ before your operation. This will help to reduce the size of your liver, so your surgeon can perform your surgery using the keyhole (laparascopic) method.

The procedure is performed through laparoscopically through six, small incisions. Your stomach will be divided using surgical stables, making a small pouch out of the top of the stomach. This will be connected to a section of your small intestine, thus any food entering this part of your stomach will bypass the main part.

The wounds will be closed using stitches or clips.

How long does the procedure take?

Most procedures are carried out between in under an hour, but they can take up to a few hours, although this is rare.


You may have to wear compression garments to help your circulation, and you will be encouraged to move around and get out of bed. You will be allowed home two to five days after surgery.

Major dietary changes are needed regarding the foods you eat after surgery as you will only be able to eat small amounts. You will be advised to start with liquids, moving onto pureed foods. Additional vitamin supplements may be required. You will be given information from your surgeon or dietitian as to what foods you should eat.

It takes at least a month to recover from your gastric bypass surgery before you can engage in exercise. After that, you will benefit by making changes to your lifestyle and becoming more active as exercise will help you to lose the weight, as well as tone your muscles.

What is the cost of a gastric bypass in Bangkok, in comparison to Australia or New Zealand?

In Bangkok, gastric bypass surgery costs around AUD $11,000, compared to around AUD $23,000 in Australia – a massive saving.

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