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Body Lift in Cabo San Lucas

The Ultimate Guide to Body Lift in Cabo San Lucas

Get a Body Lift in Cabo San Lucas and change your life. Whether you are reasonably young or age is not on your side, you may wish that you had a better body. The skin becomes saggy due to gravity and age; or if you have lost a significant amount of weight or have undergone pregnancy and childbirth repeatedly. With droopy breasts, a loose or floppy stomach and perhaps love handles, you simply cannot wear the clothes you want to.

Body lift surgery gives you a slimmer silhouette, taut skin and fixes all the droopiness and sag. You not only get a new and slim body, but can also enjoy wearing all the clothes you want and flaunt your improved appearance in slim fit jeans and swim suits. This surgery can make you look younger very fast and without putting yourself through strenuous exercise and diet programs. In any case no matter how much you exercise, it is very difficult to get rid of sagging skin and cellulite.

Why think of body lift in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a fabulous holiday destination. It is a top tourist destination in Mexico with its beaches, marine life and various water sports. Its clear waters are delightful and the water is warm most of the year. It is only about 1,000 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border, so it is very accessible. And flights from the U.S. are only two to four hours away, depending on where you live.

Medical tourism is very big in the Mexico area and it is available at very affordable rates – the body lift surgery costs a fraction of the same surgery in the U.S. Cabo San Lucas, because of its location, is a premier medical tourism destination and you can combine a holiday with your cosmetic surgery very easily. Enjoy your holiday first and you can recuperate for a few days later after your surgery before you go back home.

Is it possible for you to book a body lift on your own?

If you think that you will face problems by booking for a serious medical procedure in a foreign country you may be right in your apprehensions. Do go through various plastic surgery forums and there will be no end to the horror stories or bad experiences people have had. No doubt you must have read of stray incidents that even make world-wide headlines. Surely you don’t want to be one of those people who have had bad surgical experiences? This is why it always pays to do your own research. Check out healthcare facilities and find out what you can about potential surgeons - their qualifications and their professional memberships.

But if you book through Medical Departures you will not face any such problem. That is because we make sure that we have already carried out all the investigations and checking needed before we list a clinic on our website. We examine the qualifications and credentials of the doctors, make sure that they are well experienced, that the place offers good facilities and that the staff is well-trained and can communicate in English. If required, we also carry out post surgery patient interviews. This provides you with an additional safety factor.

How long does the body lift surgery take and what is the post-surgery recovery time?

A total body lift surgery is a complex surgical procedure and it’s tailor-made for you. It means that extra skin and tissue can be removed from virtually anywhere, such as


Alternatively you may want only your top, mid or bottom section lifted. In your initial consultation with the doctor you can decide what you want done and whether you want to get it all done at one go or not. As this is complex surgery involving different parts of the body, you may have two or more surgical teams working simultaneously on your body. The surgery, which is done under general anesthesia, takes between four and eight hours.

You can expect to spend two-three nights in hospital after this surgery and you will have significant discomfort and pain, for which you will be given pain killers and antibiotics. You will also have to wear special compression garments and will find it difficult to move initially. You will have drains to remove fluid buildup and these will have to be take care of. You can take between four and six weeks to recover from this surgery.

Sometimes body lift surgery may also be combined with liposuction to remove excess fat from certain areas and you may also want your breasts done at the same time.

Cost of Cabo San Lucas body lift surgery

Full body lift surgery can cost between US $ 25,000 and US $ 50,000 as it is an expensive procedure that is not covered by medical insurance. In Cabo San Lucas you will pay between a quarter and one-third this rate, depending on what you want to get done.

What now?

The only way to remove excess skin is surgery, particularly if you have a lost a great deal of weight. You can check out our listings and book through Medical Departures for you surgery without any fear. Check below on more details.

Contact us now by phone or email for body lift surgery in Cabo San Lucas at affordable rates.

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