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Double Eyelid Surgery in Cabo San Lucas

The Ultimate Guide to Double Eyelid Surgery in Cabo San Lucas

If you have mono-lids or single fold lids and don’t like the way your eyes look or you have creases that you don’t like, consider double eyelid surgery in Cabo San Lucas. As many as 50 percent of Asians do not have creases in their eyes; their eyes may also look small. If you are among those who want well-defined creases in your eyes, then double eyelid surgery, also called Asian blepharoplasty is for you.

After this surgery, your eyes will look more open and you will not look tired or have a stoic expression on your face. You will also find it easier to apply makeup. Double eyelid surgeries are done differently for different people and it really depends how your eyes look currently and where the actual crease should be. The line of the crease or fold varies and depends on:

Skin thickness
Fat volume under the skin

These and other factors will dictate where the crease line should be for best results.

Why consider double eyelid surgery in Cabo San Lucas?

Double eyelid surgery is an aesthetic procedure and you have to pay for all cosmetic procedures. As such, it can be quite expensive in North America and Canada. When you get it done in Cabo San Lucas, you pay a fraction of the amount. Plus you get to have a holiday in a great place. Mexico is a favorite destination for Americans - both those on vacation and medical tourists - with Cabo also being a celeb haunt. 

It's not hard to see why. It's a charming, safe destination where you can have a relaxing holiday and recuperate for a few days post surgery.  Cabo has lots of tourist attractions, beaches, water sports and the like. You can choose from a plethora of staying options ranging from luxury hotels, boutique hotels, vacation rentals and budget accommodations, as well as have the pick of food and entertainment choices as well.

Why can’t you simply book on your own?

It is important to know that all surgery carries with it an element of risk. You don’t want to have surgery and later have problems. If you go through the sites you hit upon when you search, you will come across many horror stories as well and you really do want to take care of yourself. You don’t want to add to your risk factors when undergoing surgery.

When you book through Medical Departures, we make sure that the clinics and hospitals on our website have been thoroughly checked out and investigated. We make sure that the doctors at these places are well qualified and accredited and that the staff is trained and skilled and that the medical facilities are of a high standard. This is so you are safe and do not compromise on any quality or safety aspect.

How much time does double eyelid surgery require and what is the recovery period?

There are two different methods used for double eyelid surgery. One is the full or open incision method wherein the upper eyelid is cut, extra skin and fat removed and then the skin is stitched back so that the sutures form the crease. The other is the closed thread method wherein simple stitches are used to create the crease line. The surgery takes between half to one hour and is done under local anesthesia. You will be able to leave the clinic in about three hours.

You should feel much better in about three days, which is when you need to get the stitches removed. Complete recovery can take as much as two week, by which time swelling and bruising will subside. You will have some bandages and need to follow medical advice to take care of your eyes.

What is the cost of double eyelid surgery in Cabo San Lucas?

The average cost of the procedure in the U.S. and Canada is around US$ 2,800 and can go up to US$ 4,000. In Cabo San Luca you can get the surgery done for less than half the price.

What now?

If you have vision problems thanks to your eyelids or eyelashes or want this surgery to look better, book with Medical Departures for a safe experience. Look below on ways to contact us and you will soon be on your way to double eyelid surgery in Cabo San Lucas.

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