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Eyebrow Lift in Cabo San Lucas

The Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Lift in Cabo San Lucas

Get an Eyebrow lift in Cabo San Lucas to open up your eye area and turn back the hands of time. As you age, the eyebrows tend to sag and become flatter, losing their natural arch. This makes the eyes look smaller as the gap between the eyebrows the eyes reduces. As a result you start looking grumpy, tired and older. An eyebrow lift, medically called a browplasty, will turn the clock back as far as your facial appearance is concerned.

This cosmetic surgery procedure also removes wrinkles and furrows on the forehead that give you a worried and stressed look. When the skin becomes smoother after the surgery your face looks younger. A browplasty is especially helpful when the top half of your face looks older than the bottom half.

Traveling to Cabo San Lucas can help you achieve the look you want, as well as allowing you some time to enjoy a vacation at one of Mexico’s premier resorts.

Why consider eyebrow lifts in Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas is easy to reach from the U.S. and Canada. You can catch a flight at a convenient time and reach in a short while (depending on how far away you live). It is only about a thousand miles from the U.S.-Mexico border, so it is easy enough to drive there as well. Apart from the ease of accessibility, the attractive cosmetic surgery prices in Cabo San Lucas make it an affordable destination for medical treatments.

Besides, the place is a great holiday destination seeing that it attracts millions of tourists. It has great year round climate and even when it rains, it does not pour. So you can pretty much visit it at any time of the year. With aquamarine water, scuba, snorkeling, nine golf course, American chain restaurants, local specialties and even restaurants run by world famous chefs, you get your pick of food and dining options. You can also visit museums and take in the natural wonders of this place.

Why can’t you simply book on your own for your cosmetic surgery?

When you check out this surgery in Cabo San Lucas, you will no doubt get a lot of options. But you will not be able to verify the claims of the clinic, nor have any idea of the kind of place it actually is. How then can you book? While you can get many good bargains on the web, there are also many disastrous experiences people have and you really don’t want to take a risk where surgery is concerned. 

However, booking through Medical Departures means that you will have a safe surgical experience. That is because we have a system in place. We make sure that the clinics and hospitals we list on our web site are of good quality, adhering to strict international protocols on health and safety and that the doctors are trained and qualified and with the right credentials. We also ensure that the staff is amenable and can speak English. This is because we are concerned for your safety and our reputation as well.

How much time does browlift surgery take and what is the recovery period associated with it?

You have to consult with the doctor regarding the type of surgery that will be right for you, depending on your current appearance and what you hope to achieve after the procedure. There are different kinds of browlift surgeries such as:

  • Coronal browlift – entails a long incision going from ear to ear. It is suitable for those who have lot of wrinkles.
  • Endoscopic browlift – using endoscopes, the doctor makes minute incisions so there is minimal scarring and the surgery is also minimally invasive.
  • Non-endoscopic browlift – similar to the above, but without the use of cameras, it is a more open procedure.
  • Transblepharoplastic browlift – this one uses the Endotine Transbleph device that focuses on the upper eyelid, so it is used by people who only want that part of the eyes done.

Most likely the doctor will use local anesthesia, though you can opt for general if you want. Within an hour or two the process should be over and you will be able to go back with bandaged strips or dressing across the incisions. If stitches need to be removed, you may have to come back after a week.

Cost of browlift in Cabo San Lucas

Mexico is a medical tourism destination because it offers affordable rates for all kinds of medical and surgical procedures and treatments including aesthetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery in Cabo San Lucas costs a fraction of the price of the same surgery in Canada and the U.S. where it can set you back by US$ 4,000 to US$ 12,000, depending on the procedure and associated costs. In Cabo San Lucas, the starting rate is around US$ 1,600.

What now?

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