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Laser Eye Surgery in Cabo San Lucas

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Eye Surgery in Cabo San Lucas

Thought about going on holiday and getting laser eye surgery? In Cabo San Lucas you can have the best of both worlds - restoring normal vision and taking some time out to unwind.

Glasses and contact lenses don’t agree with everyone - and there’s the constant maintenance of contact lenses or the worry of mislaying your glasses. In either case you have vision problems and probably wish that you did not have to wear these aids to have normal vision.

Thanks to laser eye surgery you can now have clear vision without the use of glasses or lenses. You save a great deal of money on upkeep of glasses and contacts and also look good. Lasers are now routinely used to correct vision problems like short sight, long sight and astigmatism. You will be able to wear make-up without any problems, not have to bother about misplacing or losing your glasses or suffer from eye strain due to long use of contact lenses.

Why should you have laser eye surgery in Cabo San Lucas?

Laser eye surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure and so you have to pay for it – it is not covered by medical insurance. However, this surgical procedure is very affordable in Cabo San Lucas. You can combine a holiday in this beautiful place and get your Lasik done at the same time.

Cabo San Lucas is easily accessible from Canada and the U.S. by air. If you are closer to the Mexican border, you can even drive down there. It has numerous tourist attractions including natural wonders, beaches, sun and sand. It has good weather all the year round and you have your pick of the kind of places you want to stay in from budget hotels or luxury hotels and vacation rentals.

Why can’t you simply book on your own?

It would seem very easy to make a booking for surgery in Cabo San Lucas. But do you want to take a chance with your vision? After all, you want to have surgery to look better and you don’t want any mishaps to occur. When you book on any website, you will not be sure of the qualifications of the doctors and other aspects of the clinic that go a long way to ensure that your surgery goes well.

Mexico is blessed with highly-skilled medical staff and facilities meeting stringent internationally-recognized health and safety guidelines, but the problem is that you don’t necessarily know how to find them, or to research them.

It is only when you book through Medical Departures that you are assured of a degree of safety. That is because we conduct background checks on the doctors and clinics. We investigate the training and certifications of the medical personnel, make sure that the staff is experienced and skilled and that the place is up to standard. Your safety is our concern.

How long does the laser eye surgery take and how much time will it take to recover?

During an initial consultation the doctor will check your number and carry out some tests. These can take up to an hour. Everything during this process is computerized and your details are fed in. The actual Lasik is over in a few minutes. You will be advised on how to take care of your eyes and may need to wear protective glasses for a few days. Apart from that, you should be mobile and be able to see, though complete vision will take a few days to settle down.

While Lasik is the most common laser eye surgery, lasers are also used for surgical repairs of different kinds in the eyes. For example, the Yag laser is used for capulotomy or zapping of the clouding of the intraocular lens that is implanted in the eyes after cataract surgery. The Argon laser is used to seal retinal tears that need to be treated on an urgent basis to prevent vision loss.

What is the cost of laser eye surgery in Cabo San Lucas?

Laser eye surgery is an expensive procedure in the U.S. and Canada and you can expect to pay between US$ 2,000 and US$ 3,500 per eye, but you can pay considerably more as well, depending on where you go. In Cabo San Lucas you would pay approximately half the price.

What now?

The sooner you get laser eye surgery done, the sooner you will be able to get rid of your glasses or contacts and enjoy clear vision. Book now with Medical Departures for your laser eye surgery. Look below on ways to contact us.

The laser eye surgery in Cabo San Lucas combined with a holiday will make for treasured memories.

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