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The Ultimate Guide to Bellafill in Cancun

Why not get some anti-aging treatments on holiday and try Bellafill in Cancun? This is an injectable dermal-filler which is collagen based (a structure found naturally in your own skin) which plumps out the skin to minimize those fine lines and wrinkles.

The beauty of some of these new anti-aging treatments is that there is virtually no downtime with them. They can be performed quickly and easily in a matter of minutes, and apart from a little redness for a few hours later there are no tell-tale signs that you’ve had anything done.

How does Bellafill work?

As we get older certain processes in our bodies begin to slow down. Collagen production is one of them. Collagen is found naturally in the skin, and essentially forms a matrix deep beneath the skin supporting the layers above. Once we begin to age, this supportive matrix begins to break down, and because collagen production decreases as we get older, the matrix isn’t repaired, leaving holes, which causes the skin above it to sink – thereby causing fine lines, eventually leading to wrinkles and then sagging.

Bellafill aims to support our natural supply of collagen with collagen from other sources (in this case bovine or cow collagen) as well as microspheres to hydrate skin.

Why have Bellafill in Cancun?

You wouldn’t necessarily travel to Cancun specifically for Bellafill but if you are already on holiday there then why not? We think nothing of having spa facials and other pampering treats to make ourselves look and feel better, so why not dermal fillers?

It is obviously less expensive getting the treatment in Cancun, which is another reason.

You may be wondering about the skill, qualifications and expertise of practitioners in Cancun – and so you should. It may be a relatively simple procedure but you should always do your homework to ensure the person who is going to administer the treatment is suitably qualified, and that the clinic you go to adheres to recognizable, if not international, health and safety standards.

This is where Medical Departures can help. We run background checks on our clinics – checking legal and criminal records, verifying qualifications, ascertaining professional memberships and getting hold of former patient reviews. We put this information on our website, so you can decide for yourself if a particular clinic is the best choice for you.

Is there anything else I need to know about Bellafill, and how long does the procedure take?

Prior to any treatment with Bellafill you will need to have a negative allergy test. This is to safeguard your health as some people do have allergies to the cow collagen contained in the product.

The product is administered with an injection. You and your practitioner will agree beforehand what areas need treating.

A local anesthetic may be applied to the areas being treated, or it may be included in the product, so you shouldn’t feel any pain, apart from maybe some tingling. Treatment will take from a few minutes to up to an hour, depending on how many areas you are treating.

How long is the recovery time for Bellafill treatments?

After effects are transient and may include redness, bruising, itching and possibly some mild swelling. However, these will dissipate over the next few days.

How long does the treatment last and when will I see the results?

The results will be noticeable straight away and they can last for up to 12 months. Sometimes you will need to get a top up to help you get the look you desire.

What is the cost of Bellafill in Cancun compared to the United States and Canada?

In the United States, expect to pay around $750 (CAD $900, GBP £500, €650, AUD $100) per syringe whereas in Cancun Bellafill will be around $500 (CAD $600, GBP £300, €450, AUD $650) per syringe.

What now?

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