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Breast Revision in Cancun

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Revision in Cancun

Looking at changing breast implants? Want an affordable option? Book a breast revision in Cancun with Medical Departures and make savings of at least 50% on the cost you’d pay at home – that’s more than enough to enjoy a great holiday in this part of the world.

There may be any number of reasons to have a breast revision – it could be that the implants have caused problems, or there may be an issue with where the implants are sitting. Maybe you’ve decided you’d like to return to your natural look or maybe you’d like to change them to a different size or shape. Whatever the reason, a breast revision is the answer to your problem.

Why should I have breast revision in Cancun?

In a recent Medical Tourism Association survey, the overwhelming reason people stated they traveled abroad for surgery was cost – and so this can’t be overlooked as an important aspect. In Cancun it is highly likely that you can save upwards of between 50% and 70% - which is a pretty substantial amount.

As medical travel is becoming more commonplace, people are not as afraid of it as they once were. Everybody’s heard horror stories of bad care in Mexico, but the truth is that it is a long way from the facilities and standards that are maintained now.

Many of the facilities for medical tourists are exceptionally good – some say even better than at home. Hospitals and clinics are modern, hygienic and safe, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and staffed by teams of medical and ancillary staff who are trained, qualified and English-speaking.

Of course, it’s not just the cost that is an important factor. If you’re looking at Cancun you probably want a great location for a vacation – and you couldn’t have chosen much better. It’s a world-renowned destination with plenty to offer, no matter what your particular tastes are – and it has more than its fair share of upscale hotels, restaurants and other facilities to so you can really relax and recuperate in style.

We always advise that you should do a little bit of research yourself when looking at surgery abroad – it’s good to go into ventures like this aware of all the pros and cons. With Medical Departures we simplify the process a little with our background checks that include confirming doctor qualifications and publishing patient testimonials. We also do onsite visits and publish a lot of useful information on our site so you can make your own mind up as to where is most suitable for you.

What is the procedure for breast revision in Cancun – how long does the surgery take?

The surgery can take anything between 1 and 3 hours, depending on whether it is a relatively straightforward procedure, or more problematical.

You will typically receive a general anaesthetic for the surgery. Your surgeon will remove the old implants through incisions made in the existing scars. If you are changing the implants the necessary adjustments to the breast pocket will be made (either smaller or bigger if you are going down or up in size). Once satisfied with the positioning the pocket will be stitched to hold the implants in place and the incision wound closed.

What is the cost of a breast revision in Cancun, compared to America or Canada?

Breast revision in Cancun will cost at least 50% less than it would at home.

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