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Body Lift in Cebu City

The Ultimate Guide to Body Lift in Cebu City

A Body lift in Cebu City may be for you if you have got sagging and drooping breasts, a tummy that is obvious and even fat arms and thighs. This may have happened due to excess weight loss after bariatric surgery or having babies - or even general ageing. A body lift will tighten and lift your breasts (you may also want augmentation or reduction done at the same time), flatten and tighten your tummy, lift your butt and remove excess fat and skin from thighs and upper arms. This will result in immediate weight loss, a slimmer figure and a more youthful appearance.

Thanks to a body lift, you will be able to wear the clothes that you want, including swimsuits and bikinis and even tight jeans and jeggings without being embarrassed about your looks. You will also be able to buy better lingerie and have a greater choice when you go out to buy clothes.

Why consider body lift in Cebu City?

Cebu City is part of the Cebu region and is the oldest city in the Philippines. It is serviced by the Mactan-Cebu International Airport which makes it accessible to tourists from all over the world and more particularly from Australia and New Zealand. Medical facilities here are very reasonably priced so if affordability if a factor (cosmetic surgery is expensive when you have to pay for it) then Cebu City is a great option. Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular here, and it's not hard to see why - affordability, fabulous location, surgeons who are skilled and members of international organizations such as ISAPS and modern facilities.

The Cebu region is full of islands and you can enjoy the warm climate, aquamarine waters, lush greenery and marine life. You can spend a day going island hopping, swimming, diving and snorkeling or just looking at the amazing marine life in the clear waters. You can also go on one of the many high spots and observation decks and simply take in the breathtaking views or you can go on the bus or train city tours. Don’t forget to indulge your appetite for Chinese, Japanese, French and local cuisine or buy some luscious tropical fruits. You can also go to museums and take in historic sites as part of your visit. Your holiday activities should be pre-surgery and you can use the post-surgery time to rest and recuperate.

Why can’t you simply book on your own?

Booking on your own can be risky. That is because you will not know the quality of care at the clinics and hospitals or be able to verify the training of the doctors or their skill. Mere degrees are not enough to testify to their expertise and experience in handling various procedures.

When you book through Medical Departures you are assured that we have investigated and checked out the doctors thoroughly with regards to their training, credentials, experience and skill. We also make sure that the hospitals and clinics we list on our website meet hygiene and other standards so that you do not need to compromise on any aspect.

How long does body lift surgery take and what is the recovery period?

The time taken for a complete body lift surgery can be as much as eight hours. If you just get a basic breast and tummy tuck surgery done, the time may be less but a full body lift that involves liposuction, removal of skin and tissue, insertion of implants will take time. You will be under general anesthesia and have to stay overnight in hospital. You will be on intravenous fluids and medicines as well.

Recovery period will also depend on the number of procedures. You will need to rest for at least a week or two and may not be able to fly back home for a week to ten days post surgery. You can easily estimate at least three to four weeks off work. You will have bandages, sutures and need to wear compression garments and results can take several months to show up.

What is the cost of body lift in Cebu City?

Body lift surgery is expensive, but the results are worth it. In Australia you can pay as much AU$ 35,000. In Cebu City you can pay less than 30 percent of this price, so you save a great deal of money.

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