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Hair Transplant in Cebu City

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Transplant in Cebu City

Tired of bald patches and thinning hair? Find out about a Hair transplant in Cebu City to solve your hair loss woes and have a much-needed holiday at the same time. Booking with Medical Departures will give you the best choices at the best prices - and all our doctors and clinic facilities are quality-checked for your complete peace-of-mind.

If you have tried all kinds of products to reduce or reverse hair loss and nothing works or you have baldness that is not reversible and keeps on increasing, it is best to take action before it is too late. Once you are completely bald, you will not have any hair left to be transplanted.

Hair loss results in loss of confidence and self-esteem. Both men and women may have hair loss due to a number of reasons including heredity, nutritional deficiencies, medication related, over-stressing the hair with strong products, tight hairstyles and others. Many of these can be treated and research is ongoing on various treatments for different kinds of hair loss. While you can always use a wig or hair-piece or get hair weaving done, many times these look artificial and cannot be worn or used in all kinds of conditions. Hair transplant is the only permanent answer. Thanks to modern technology, transplanted hair no longer looks obvious because it grows like normal hair.

Why consider hair transplant in Cebu City?

As a cosmetic procedure, hair transplant surgery is not available under medical insurance. If you have to pay for it, affordability becomes an important factor. When you shop around for good deals, then Cebu City is a great place to get this procedure done as it is very reasonably priced here. The place is also a good holiday destination. From Australia you can get flights that land at the international airport nearby.

Cebu City has many tourist attractions chief of which are the moderate climate, white sandy beaches and azure water. It is also close to many islands and you can easily take a tour of the islands which are even better being away from the hub of the city. You can also visit many sites and museums and indulge in international and local cuisines.

Why can’t you book on your own?

All surgeries have various risk factors that you need to minimize. In the case of hair transplant surgery, if your hair transplant does not go well, you can land up with a head of hair that looks worse and less normal than balding or loss of hair. In that case, you will need revision surgeries which will cost even more. Don’t fall into that trap.

Instead book with Medical Departures. That is because we carry out detailed investigations into the accreditations, qualifications and experience of the doctor to make sure that they are skilled. We check out the amenities at the clinics and hospitals we list on our website. We also ensure that the staff is able to communicate with you and that they use the latest technologies and equipment.

How long does hair transplant take and what is the recovery period?

Hair transplant surgeries are of two kinds – FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant). Basically the first removes individual hair and transplants each. The second takes patches of hair which are then cut up and transplanted. If long strips are taken out from the back of the head above the neck, where the hair is the last to go, the skin may be stretched and stitched. FUE is a less painful method and gives good results and sometimes even the initial scars may be barely noticeable.

The time taken for the surgery will depend on how much hair loss you have and can range from two to eight hours. If you have a great deal of hair loss, you may want to go for several sittings spread over a few days than have just an eight hour one. Recovery will take a few days, but you will be mobile. After hair is transplanted, it will take time to re-grow. In fact, the initial hair will fall out. Just like normal hair, it can take a few months to fully grow.

What is the cost of hair transplant?

The cost of hair transplant varies a great and depends on how bald you are and the number of hair grafts you require. It can cost between AU$ 2,000 to AU$ 25,000 in Australia. In Cebu City you will pay around one-quarter of this cost.

What now?

Book with Medical Departures before you lose your hair, when it will be too late to undergo hair transplant procedures. Look below for convenient ways to contact us and confirm your booking.

After hair transplant in Cebu City, you will like to look at yourself in the mirror and admire your full head of hair, instead of seeing bald patches.

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