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The Ultimate Guide to Nose Job in Cebu City

Looking at Nose Jobs in Cebu City? Find out all you need to know with Medical Departures.

If you don’t like the way your nose looks, or if you think it actually spoils your facial appearance, then you may be considering a nose job. Nose jobs are one of the top cosmetic surgery procedures all over the world and people of all ages decide to get the procedure done. If your nose is too big, too small, has a hump, is hooked and long, is asymmetrical or even if you have a deviated septum, a nose job can correct all these problems.

Whether the change required is minor or major the procedure can not only change the appearance on your face and enhance your features, but can also give you a confidence boost. Sometimes a nose job can result in drastic changes in the face; sometimes the changes are subtle and barely noticeable. If you feel that your nose is the worst feature of your face then you should really get the surgery.

Why consider nose job in Cebu City?

While a nose job is a common cosmetic surgery procedure, it is quite expensive and the only time insurance will pay for it is if you have an actual medical problem with your nose (broken your nose in an accident or worse). Cosmetic surgery procedures are expensive and when you have to pay for medical expenses you need to budget for them. Sometimes cosmetic surgery seems to be something you really can’t afford.

However, Cebu City is a premier medical tourist destination. As the cost of living here is cheap compared to Australia, medical expenses, too, are affordable. Cosmetic surgery procedures can easily be done in Cebu City and you can also have a holiday and the costs will still work out much cheaper than in Australia. You can also enjoy the sun, sea and warm weather.

With regard to the expertise of the medical staff here, they are just as good as at home - providing you choose wisely. It’s important to do your own research for any surgical procedure, but particularly so for anything on the face. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’ve found a surgeon that might suit, ask them for photos of their previous work. How much experience do they have? Are they a member of an international professional organization? Any good surgeon will be more than happy to answer, and it is up to you to make sure you are comfortable with your surgeon’s credentials.

Why you should not book on your own?

There is actually no question that you could hypothetically book on your own for a nose job in Cebu City by going to a website put up by a doctor or clinic or hospital. But if you do so, you will actually have no means of checking out many aspects regarding the qualifications and other factors that you would see if you were to go personally to a place. However, you will not be able to visit any clinic or hospital till you actually go to Cebu City and by that time you may not be able to schedule your surgery.

If you book through Medical Departures you are assured of safety and minimal risk. That is because we personally visit the hospitals and clinics and check out the ambience, amenities and staff there. We make sure that these meet international standards. What’s more, we investigate the qualifications, credentials and training of the doctors. We also conduct patient interviews post surgery. We do all this so that you are not shortchanged in any way.

How long does nose job surgery take and what is the estimated recovery time?

The time taken for the surgery will be directly dependent on the amount of work required for your nose. If there is grafting to be done, it will take longer. If it is a soft bone surgery or need some fillers to be put, then the time taken will be shorter. You can spend between two and three hours in the clinic or hospital. Your surgery may require local or general anesthesia and you may or may not spend a night in hospital.

After surgery you will have bandages to cover the bruising and swelling. Your nose may have splints to keep its shape. You may have considerable discomfort for a few days, but as the healing process takes places, you will be able to resume most activities within two to three weeks. The sutures are usually hidden and will be barely visible with time. It can take a few months for your nose to assume its final shape.

What is the cost of nose job in Cebu City?

In Australia you can expect to pay between AUD 7,000 to AUD 20,000 for a nose job, depending on where you are and the work you require. In Cebu City you can pay an average of AUD 1,000, which is an affordable price.

What now?

If finance is a factor that has held you back then you can get the cosmetic surgery done very cheaply. When you book through Medical Departures, we offer the best price guarantee. Look below on convenient ways to contact us.

The sooner you lock in your booking the sooner you will have your nose job in Cebu City done.

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