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The Ultimate Guide to Facial Liposuction in Costa Rica

It is easy to get rid of fatty areas on your face with facial liposuction in Costa Rica. This will enhance your facial features and appearance – giving you a confidence boost. Getting it done in this beautiful country will be easy on your finances and you get to have a holiday there as well.

Often facial liposuction is combined with other cosmetic procedures like minimally invasive procedures such as dermal fillers, Botox or even surgeries like facelift, neck lift, forehead lift or eye bag removal - the aim being to make the best of what you have. Facial sculpting, or facial contouring as it is also called, is used to remove fat from the cheek, neck, jaw line, double chin. This can be done in the traditional way or using modern methods like ultrasound-assisted liposuction, power-assisted liposuction, laser-assisted liposuction or water-assisted liposuction.

You have to check with your cosmetologist or plastic surgeon whether or not it is right for your needs. For liposuction as a standalone procedure you need to have good skin elasticity otherwise after the procedure you will have sagging skin.

Why consider facial liposuction in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica in Central America is easily accessible from Canada and the U.S. being just a few hours away by flight. It is also an upcoming tourism hub, so you get to combine a holiday with cosmetic procedure at a reasonable rate.

It has a moderate year-round climate and you can go there pretty much most of the year. As a resident of the U.S. and Canada you don’t need a visa, but do need a valid passport and a return journey (or onward journey) ticket. As there are two international airports in Costa Rica, the Juan Santamaria Airport in San Jose and the Daniel Obuder Airport in Liberia, the country even more accessible.

What makes Costa Rica an attractive destination? It is famous for its eco and adventure tourism, its forest reserves and parks, its natural beauty and wildlife, its volcanoes, its flora and fauna and its beaches. It has more biodiversity in its small area than most other countries in the word. It also has UNESCO World Heritage sites like Cocos Island, Area de Conservación Guanacaste and La Amistad International Park. You can go to this country and experience one or more of these delights.

If you would rather have a lazy time and relax at a beach resort, there are many beach places in the country considering that it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. With the sea come all the water based activities and sports.

If that is not all, it also has very good quality hospitals and medical centers, including three JCI accredited hospitals, testifying to the excellence of medical care available.

Why should you book with Medical Departures?

If you want the best price guarantee, if you want safety and if you want good quality amenities, you should book through Medical Departures. We make sure we offer the best price. We check the qualifications and experience of the doctors and see that they are accredited to a reputed international board. We personally verify the amenities available at the clinics. For safety, it is best to book through a reputable site like Medical Departures.

How long does facial liposuction take and what is the recovery period?

As this procedure requires extreme precision, the doctor has to be very skilled and experienced in this treatment. Facial liposuction uses very small cannulas to remove the fat. It is usually done under local anesthesia and can take half an hour to an hour if it is a standalone procedure. If it is done in combination with any other treatment or surgery, the time taken will be more. While small incisions are made, they may only require bandages and not stitches.

You will have some swelling and bruising, and not necessarily in the area from where the fat is removed. You may need compression bandages, but this depends on the kind of liposuction. You may use ice packs to reduce swelling and bruising. You will be mobile and will be able to go out after a day of rest. Final results can take several months to be apparent.

What is the cost of facial liposuction in Costa Rica?

In the U.S. this treatment will cost an average of USD 8,485 (CAD 11,363, £ 6,974, € 7,775, AUD 11,200, NZD 11,900). For similar work in Costa Rica will pay around 50% less, saving a great deal of money.

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