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The Ultimate Guide to Gastric Band in Costa Rica

Make no mistake – obesity is a killer. A Gastric Band in Costa Rica can help you lose weight and fight this problem. And you can also have a tremendous holiday in Costa Rica.

Gastric band surgery is very popular since it reduces the size of the stomach, is done laparoscopically and is reversible. It is also variously called lap band surgery or laparoscopic gastric band (LAGB). The band is placed across the stomach and then tightened according to the desired level. As the stomach is divided into two and the opening between the sections becomes very small, you can eat very little and become full. This results in weight loss.

You need to lose weight not only to be more active and attractive but also for health reasons as obesity is a major factor in killer diseases like heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, asthma and arthritic disorders.

Why consider gastric band in Costa Rica?

A 2015 MTA Medical Tourism Patient Survey found that 65% of patients participating in medical travel are not covered by insurance. If you find it expensive to get this procedure done in your country of residence, then Costa Rica offers you affordable medical care.

With three JCI accredited hospitals in the country, testifying to the quality of medical facilities, you are assured of top-notch medical centers and well-qualified doctors. The country is also easily accessible from Canada and the U.S. since it has two international airports in different parts. You can choose to go to different places in the country like San Jose, Tibas, Escazu, Santa Ana or Liberia for your surgery as all these places have good quality medical facilities and tourist attractions close by.

Costa Rica is a premier medical tourism destination because of its natural attractiveness, biodiversity, green cover and natural forests and reserves. Apart from that, there are many volcanoes, some live and some dormant, numerous beaches and the exotic marine and wildlife. In this country, you can also choose to recover at a surgical retreat where all your needs are well taken care of.

For all these reasons, Costa Rica is worth considering for gastric band surgery.

Why should you book with Medical Departures?

Medical Departures offers you a three-pronged advantage. For one, we offer the best price guarantee. For two, we check the facilities and quality of the medical centers we list on our website. And for three, we carry out a detailed and comprehensive investigation into the experience and qualifications of the doctors. We verify that they have the desired accreditations and are skilled at bariatric surgery procedures.

How long does gastric band in Costa Rica take and what is the estimated recovery period?

Most of the time, this surgery is done under local anesthesia unless you or your doctor prefers general anesthesia. As the surgery is performed using small incisions and a camera, it is minimally invasive and recovery is faster. It takes about an hour to do the surgery and you may be required to stay overnight in hospital for better monitoring and so you can be given intravenous fluids as you will not be able to eat.

The band is made of silicone and filled with saline. A small port is left under the skin so that the volume of saline can be adjusted (for making the band tighter or looser).

You have to follow medical advice pre and post surgery, particularly regarding your food intake. After surgery, you will be on liquids for some time, then soft foods and then be able to eat solids and this process can take around six weeks. You can expect to be out of action for around 10 days, though you will be mobile. You may prefer to recuperate at a surgery retreat post the operation as there are many of these through the country, where your dietary requirements and post-surgical care will be well taken care of.

What is the cost of a gastric band in Costa Rica?

Gastric band surgery in the U.S. can set you back by US$10,656 (CAD 14,275 £8,724, €9,718, AUD 14,000 (NZD 14,275). In Costa Rica you can expect to pay a fraction of this – at least 50% less.

What now?

Have a look at the list of quality checked clinics on our website.

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