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The Ultimate Guide to Hip Replacement in Costa Rica

If you have mobility issues due to damaged hips then a hip replacement in Costa Rica may help you out. It is not only reasonably priced, but you can also have a holiday in this beautiful Latin American country and still save a substantial sum.

Whether your hip is damaged due to disease, accident or any kind of trauma and you have exhausted all kinds of conventional treatments including painkillers, steroids and physiotherapy, then hip replacement is the only thing that stands between you and a reasonably active and pain-free life.

For senior citizens, hip replacement can restore independence, including improving the quality of daily life. For younger people whose hips are damaged by disease or accident, hip replacement surgery will enable them to lead a normal life. 

Why should you consider hip replacement in Costa Rica?

A 2015 MTA Medical Tourism Patient Survey found that 65% of patients participating in medical travel are not covered by insurance. There are many reasons that you need to pay for hip replacement surgery. If you do not have any form of medical insurance, if your co-pay or out of pocket expenses will be too high or there is a long waiting list for the surgery, you can get it done at an affordable price in another country.

Costa Rica is one of the prime medical tourism destinations, attractive tourists from all over the globe but more particularly from the U.S. and Canada, since the cost of travel is not very high and the flight time is also relatively reduced. The country has two international airports, the Juan Santamaria Airport near San Jose and the Daniel Oduber airport in Liberia. It also has top notch medical centers, the doctors are well trained and qualified and many have done their specialized training in western countries.

While the country is a beautiful holiday destination with natural fauna and flora, forest reserves, waterfalls, unique and exotic species of wildlife and adventure sports, it also has a moderate year-round climate. There are also many surgical recovery retreats in Costa Rica and you can recuperate at one, since you will take time to get back on your feet post surgery. These retreats are well-planned, all your needs are taken care of by trained medical staff and you will also get transportation to the clinic or hospital for your post-surgery medical appointments and follow-up care. These retreats are to be found in most places in the country that are medical tourism hubs including San Jose and Santa Ana among others.

All these reasons make Costa Rica an attractive medical tourism destination for your hip replacement surgery.

Why book with Medical Departurures?

When you are concerned with the cost and also your own safety, then you should book with Medical Departures. That is because we offer the best price guarantee, ensuring that you will not pay more. We also offer safety because we conduct background checks on the doctors. We verify that they have the right credentials, experience and qualifications. We also personally visit the clinics and hospitals to see that have good quality amenities.

How long does hip replacement take and what is the estimated recovery period?

This surgery is done in different ways and depends largely on the damage to your hips. You may need resurfacing, you may need different kinds of prostheses and depending on that, the damaged parts have to be removed and the artificial joint put in their place. You can have cemented or uncemented joints put in and the hip replacement may be total or partial. The surgery, too, can be quite invasive or minimally invasive and all these aspects totally depend on your medical condition, the damage that needs to be rectified and even your age. The surgery can take one to two hours.

You will spend one to four days in the hospital, but you will have to start exercises in bed the very next day to strengthen the muscles. You will have bandages and drains and need antibiotics. It is important that you take good care and follow all medical advice post surgery so that you can make a successful recovery. You will need to take painkillers to take care of the pain after surgery.

It is vital that you continue physiotherapy as advised as this is what will improve your mobility. You can expect at least six weeks of downtime and complete recovery can take three to six months.

What is the cost of hip replacement surgery? 

Hip replacement in the U.S. will cost you an average of US$24,500 (CAD 32,865, £20,030 €22,335, AUD 32,000, NZD 34,208). You will pay a fraction of this price in Costa Rica.

What now?

Do go through our list of quality checked clinics.

Look below to contact us. Our customer care team with answer all your questions and guide you with the booking process for hip replacement in Costa Rica. 

How do I book?

This article is meant for information purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice or instructions for medical diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your doctor or a qualified medical professional before starting or changing medical treatment.

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