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The Ultimate Guide to Radiesse in Costa Rica

If you would like to get rid of the signs of aging on your face, Radiesse in Costa Rica will help. And if you want to have a holiday in Costa Rica, you can have this treatment done at a reasonable price.

This dermal filler is used on nose-to-mouth lines, smile and frown lines and wrinkles by plumping them. What’s more it also helps with lip enhancement, nose augmentation, adding lost volume to the cheeks and even chin. With the wrinkles disappearing and greater definition on your face, your facial appearance improves greatly. Whether you suffer from the normal effects of aging and sun damage, or your face looks gaunt and aged due to facial lipoatrophy or any oral and maxillofacial problems, Radiesse will prove an effective solution.

Radiesse contains calcium hyroxylapatite microspheres mixed with gel. As a dermal filler, it gives instant volume. The microspheres help with collagen production as the gel is gradually absorbed by the body. So you get a dual benefit.

Why consider Radiesse in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a holiday destination that attracts tourists from all over the globe. At the same time, it has developed into a popular medical tourism destination as it has excellent medical facilities, including JCI accredited hospitals, well-trained doctors and all this at affordable prices.

The beautiful country, located in Central America, is easily accessible from the U.S. and Canada with reasonably short flights, visa-free entry and two international airports. It has lots of tourist attractions including huge national parks, forest reserves, private parks, cloud forests, volcanoes, beaches, exotic and endangered wildlife of all kinds as also a huge range of plants. In fact, it has a high green cover and much higher proportion of biodiversity when compared to its landmass.

You can find different tours and trips that you can take, catering to your interests, whether they encompass a range of physical activities and adventure or checking out one of the many active or dormant volcanoes present in the country. Among the volcanoes, you can see are Irazu, Poas, Arenal, Tenorio, Miravalles, Orosi and Turrialba. Each has its own set of attractions and offer breathtaking views.

If you prefer lazing on the beach and taking part in occasional water based activities then the beaches at Tamarindo, Jaco, Samara, Puerto Viejo, Montezuma, Playa Grande and many others beckon. At some, you can surf and catch the waves or dive and see the colorful marine life, while others are quiet and relaxing.

You can have a memorable holiday and combine this with Radiesse and even other cosmetic treatments at an affordable rate in Costa Rica.

Why are you better off booking with Medical Departures?

There are many positives when you book through Medical Departures. We offer the best price guarantee and we offer safety and quality. We carry out background checks on doctor qualifications and professional memberships. We also check that the amenities and ambiance at the clinics are of good quality, so you don’t feel shortchanged in any way. We also publish former patient reviews on our site so you can see how other people’s experiences were.

How long does treatment with Radiesse take and what is the downtime associated with it?

Radiesse is easy to use as the doctor only has to inject the product in the places that need definition or volume. Though the product is mixed with lidocaine, you may also have a topical anesthetic applied if required. Most of the time, in 15 to 30 minutes, you will be good to go after the injections.

You may have minor swelling and bruising at the sites of the injections. After use of this dermal filler it is important that you do not touch your face or move it too much for some time till the product has settled. You can use ice packs to minimize swelling and bruising if required. You need to take care for a few days, but there is no downtime required as you are completely mobile.

What is the cost of Radiesse treatment?

The cost of Radiesse in the U.S. averages at US$1,000 (CAD1,349, £810, €905, AUD1,315, NZD1,378). In Costa Rica it will cost you around 50% less.

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