Bellafill in Philippines

The Ultimate Guide to Bellafill in Philippines

Last fact-checked: 12 January 2020

When deep lines, wrinkles and scars mar your face, a good way of combating these signs of aging is to use a dermal filler, like Bellafill®. In the Philippines, if you’re going on holiday, you can achieve a smoother and younger-looking appearance for far less by visiting one of our quality-checked clinics. 

Bellafill provides semi-permanent results as it contains microspheres as well as collagen. When injected, the filler works in two ways: first, it plumps up the skin immediately; and second, the polymethylmethacrylate microspheres (PMMA) acts as scaffolding for natural collagen that forms over time, providing longer-lasting results. 

Bellafill is commonly used for:

  • Treating nose to mouth lines

  • Diminishing acne scars

  • Adding volume in the cheeks

  • Non-surgical nose jobs

  • Treating chin dimples and creases

  • Lip augmentation

Certain filler procedures may be off-label, i.e. some doctors, not just in the Philippines but all around the world, may perform them on request despite not being FDA-approved. This is why it’s essential that you find a board-certified doctor who can properly assess your condition and needs before you go ahead with any filler treatment.

Why Consider Bellafill in the Philippines?

Almost all aesthetic procedures and treatments are elective, meaning your insurance or national health coverage is never going to pay for it. Undergoing a course of Bellafill can be rather expensive in Australia, Europe and the US, so a holiday to the Philippines presents a fantastic opportunity to save a considerable amount of money—just as long as you were already considering treatment at home. The Philippines has a long list of tourist destinations and you can find clinics and medical centers in most of them.

With reasonably priced flights heading straight to the Philippines from a number of Australian cities, as well as all across Asia, the country is relatively easy to reach. Most direct international flights touch down in Manila, although tourists tend to swap the hustle and bustle of the capital for one of the country’s stunning beach resorts or remote tropical islands

Filipinos are famously warm and hospitable and most people speak English, especially in tourist destinations. You’ll also find that doctors speak the language fluently, so you won’t face any communication problems.

Why Should I Book with Medical Departures?

You may be under the impression that it’s easy enough to book on your own, but doing your own research online can’t always guarantee the validity of information on a clinic’s website, nor their reviews, which are often fake. 

As Bellafill is a semi-permanent procedure, you really don’t want to be taking any risks, especially when it comes to having work done on your face.

Using Medical Departures to find a clinic and book an appointment takes away this risk factor. We always investigate the background, qualifications, accreditations and experience of the doctors at the clinics and hospitals listed on our site. You can also take advantage of our best price guarantee to ensure you aren’t paying over the odds.

How Long Does Bellafill Take and Is There Any Downtime?

A course of injectable fillers, like Bellafill or Juvederm, won’t take up much time at all. Once the doctor assesses your skin and the work required, they’ll begin by making markings before commencing the course of injections, which may take around half an hour (or less). 

You will see almost instant results, so there is no downtime as such. However, you may have some superficial swelling, lumpiness, pain, redness and bruising but this will soon subside. 

It is advisable to have two treatments carried out at designated intervals; the first time, your doctor should inject less of the filler and see how it settles downs and looks. A second session will give you the chance to top-up to attain more noticeable, longer-lasting results.

Since Bellafill is made from bovine collagen, it is important to have an allergy test before using it. This is done at least four weeks before the procedure (which can be done at home with a local doctor). If you already have a history of allergy disorders or immune system problems, then Bellafill may not be the treatment of choice for you. Some people do have reactions to this filler and granulomas may form over time, requiring surgical intervention.

How Much Can I Save on Bellafill in the Philippines Compared to Back Home?

Bellafill is expensive when compared to many other dermal fillers, although with results lasting as long as five years, it can be good value-for-money. In Australia, you can pay around AUD 1,400 per syringe. In the Philippines, the cost can be approximately 50% less. 

[Please note that these are approximate, averages prices collated at the time of writing.]

For updated prices, as well as clinic photos, surgeon profiles, patient reviews and other useful information, check out our full list of clinics and hospitals in the Philippines that provide a range of affordable cosmetic treatments.

What now? 

If you have already booked your holiday in the Philippines, get in touch with Medical Departures to book your free appointment. Look below for convenient ways to contact us today. 


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