Breast Lift in Cebu City

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Lift in Cebu City

Last fact-checked: 10 October 2020

Also known as mastopexy, a breast lift is a popular surgical procedure that raises the position of the breasts by tightening the surrounding tissue and removing excess skin.

Ideal for women who want to achieve a more youthful contour but not necessarily alter the size (although this can also be done using implants), it's possible to undergo a breast lift in Cebu City, the Philippines for thousands less than back home. 

Is a Breast Lift Suitable for Me?

Age, gravity, childbirth, and nursing all take their toll on the breasts. Despite your best efforts (and perhaps buying the most expensive innerwear to keep everything tight), it is unfortunately only a matter of time before the breasts begin to sag. A breast lift can help bring back the perkiness to your breasts without the need for silicone implants. 

A breast lift may be a good option if you already have sufficient fat and volume in your breasts, as the surgery will lift the breasts. If you want added volume or reduce your size, it's possible to combine breast lift surgery with augmentation or reduction procedures. 

Suitable candidates should also be in good general health, not be planning to become pregnant and have realistic expectations in terms of the final results. 

Why Consider Cebu City for a Breast Lift?

As a cosmetic procedure, breast lifts are not covered by medical insurance, and therefore, you will have to pay for it out your own pocket. With prices often running over USD $6,000 (or equivalent) in Western countries, it can often make sense to head abroad, with destinations like Cebu City offering the chance to save between 50% and 70%. 

Cebu City is the second-largest city in the Philippines and is home to some superb medical facilities with English speaking staff. Many doctors here train overseas and keep-up-to-date with the latest techniques with ongoing training and symposiums - both nationally and internationally. They are also likely to have affiliations with organizations such as the International Society of Plastic Surgeons

Cebu City is also a great holiday destination thanks to its moderate climate, white sandy beaches and azure waters. You can have a wonderful time indulging in water sports, checking out the marine life or simply going island hopping. Do note, however, that it is important to get any holiday activities out of the way before surgery and use any remaining time in the Philippines afterward to recuperate until you are ready to fly home.

You can learn more about Cebu City in this travel guide.

Why Book with Medical Departures?

Booking through Medical Departures gives you a much-needed safety net. All the facilities in Cebu City listed on our site have been fully background-checked, which includes:

  • Investigating the credentials and qualifications of the doctors to make sure that they have the requisite training and skill. 
  • Checking out the amenities at clinics and hospitals to make sure that they meet international standards. This is done by conducting on-site visits.
  • Checking that the staff is trained and can speak English.
  • Collecting and publishing authenticated patient reviews--unfavorable as well as favorable.

How Long Does Breast Lift Surgery Take and What Is the Estimated Recovery Period?

Breast lift surgery can take as little as an hour or as much as three, depending on whether you are also having implants or a reduction at the same time.

Mastopexy, as it is medically called, involves cutting the excess skin and generally tightening the breasts. 

Prior to the surgery, you need to decide in consultation with your surgeon where the incisions will be made and how you want your breasts to be shaped. There are different ways the surgeon can make these incisions which can result in different scars, particularly if the nipples have to be repositioned. The scars can be under the breasts where they are hidden to a certain degree—although all scars will fade with time.

Following surgery, it is worth noting that:

  • You will have tight bandages and even drains if required.
  • You may have to wear surgical support bras for several weeks.
  • You will have to sleep on your back till your surgery heals.
  • You need a week or two off from work and another four weeks for recovery.

What Is the Cost of a Breast Lift in Cebu City?

In Cebu City, you can expect to pay around AU$ 4,600. In comparison, the cost of this surgery in Australia is often between AUD $5,000 and AUD $10,000. 

These are estimated figures at the time of writing. To see some of the latest prices on offer, take a look at the excellent AOS Plastic Clinic, a leading cosmetic center in Cebu City for breast lift surgery.

How Do I Get Started?

Book with Medical Departures at a clinic of your choice and take advantage of our best prices online. Our Customer Care Team will address your concerns and help you with the booking process. Look below for ways to contact us.


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(Image by Patrick Tumalad)