Breast Reduction in Cebu City

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Reduction in Cebu City

Wish you could get rid of your big boobs? Thought about a surgical holiday? How about breast reduction in Cebu City in the Philippines? This tropical destination has it all, the sun, the sea, the sand - and affordable surgical expertise which means getting your breasts made smaller is a lot easier than you think.

Big breasts are the envy of many people, but not always if you are naturally blessed with them. Big boobs not only increase the weight but also are disproportionate to the body. You can get severe backaches and shoulder pains due to excess weight. It is difficult to find bras and clothes that fit. You may face skin infections under your breasts due to weight and friction. You can also face psychological and emotional problems due to big boobs.

Fortunately the surgery is quite straightforward as it involves cutting out excess skin and tissue and putting the breasts back together. Those who have had the surgery done say that they feel much better with their smaller sized breasts. Once you have the surgery and your breasts have assumed their final shape you will be able to find bras that fit as well as find that you wear a whole lot of different clothes as well.

Why consider breast reduction in Cebu City?

Breast reduction surgery in Cebu City comes at an affordable price without strings attached. While most insurance companies will pay for the cost of this surgery if it is necessary for medical reasons, they may require some co-pay or there may be many riders attached. If you don’t want to get caught up in paperwork or you don’t have medical insurance that will pay for this then Cebu City is a great option.
And if you’re worried about the quality then don’t. Sure, you should spend some time researching - there are good and bad surgeons and facilities wherever you go in the world. Take the time to get to know about your procedure - check out organizations like the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons to learn more. For medical tourists there are good quality clinics and surgeons in the Philippines, if you’ve done your due diligence - and as English is the second language here you’ll have no problems communicating.

You can also combine a vacation in Cebu City along with cosmetic surgery as it is a great holiday destination attracting tourists from all over the globe. Additionally it is easily accessible from Australia via direct flights. From most advanced countries, you don’t need a visa as you get a one month visa on arrival so you can plan quickly and just go. With its moderate climate, white sandy beaches and blue waters, it offers a relaxing holiday.

Why can’t you book on your own?

While you can possibly book on your own by going to any website offering a deal, you will have no way of checking out the place or the doctors there. There are many experiences on the web of people who have felt shortchanged by not getting the results they wanted, or even worse experiences. Considering that surgery is not without risk, it is best not to take any chances.

When you book through Medical Departures you are sure that you are going to have surgery by doctors whose qualifications and credentials have been checked out. We also make sure that the clinics or hospitals we list on our website meet our exacting standards regarding hygiene levels, state of the art equipment and other facilities. So you have an added layer of protection that reduces your risk.

How much time does breast reduction surgery take and what is the estimated recovery period?

The surgery is straightforward but it does take time and you can spend between three and five hours in surgery. That is because the surgeon has to make the incisions at a pre-decided place, remove excess tissue, reshape the breasts, perhaps reposition the nipples and then put in the sutures. You will most likely be under general anesthesia and perhaps stay overnight in hospital. As the doctor removes tissue and skin, you will lose some weight immediately.

After surgery you will have bandages and drains, need antibiotics and painkillers. You will need to take care of cleaning the drains as recommended and take other precautions as well such is sleeping on your back. You will also need special surgical support bras for the recommended time. You should estimate at least two weeks off work and a total of six weeks for recovery.

What is the cost of breast reduction surgery?

In Cebu City this surgery starts at an affordable rate of AU$ 4,300. In Australia similar surgery can cost between AU$ 12,000 and AU$ 18,000, so there is a great deal of difference in the rates. While in Australia you may get some insurance (or not) you may still have to pay quite a bit, much more than the cost of the surgery in Cebu City.

What now?

Review our listings for yourself.

Don’t suffer from aches and pains due to big boobs. Get the reduction mammoplasty done as soon as you can. Book with Medical Departures so that you can have a fixed appointment and make your travel plans accordingly. Look below for different ways to contact us.

After breast reduction in Cebu City you will present a slimmer silhouette.