Forehead Lift in Mexicali

The Ultimate Guide to Forehead Lift in Mexicali

Erase lines and wrinkles across the brow with a forehead lift in Mexicali - make yourself look younger and save money compared to prices at home.

Due to facial expressions and movements, the forehead is often the first to show signs of aging in the form of wrinkles and furrows and lines. Also called a browplasty, this simple surgical procedure can also change drooping eyebrows, skin that sags above the eyes and even some of the lines around the eyebrows. Often a forehead lift is combined with a facelift, a mini facelift, eye bag removal surgery or even non surgical facial rejuvenation techniques.

Forehead lift surgery can be done either using the open method for heavy lines or the newer endoscopic method that requires smaller incisions and fewer scars that are in any case hidden in the hairline. You have to check with the cosmetic surgeon as to which technique is best for you. After the browplasty your face will look much smoother.

Why consider forehead lift in Mexicali?

This kind of surgery is not covered by medical insurance so you need to shop around for affordable surgery. One of the places close to the U.S. and Canada is Mexicali since it is just across the border, in the north of Mexico. Mexicali is easily accessible, from some states by road and from others by short haul flights.

It has good medical facilities, excellent surgeons and reasonable prices. It is also a medical tourism hub and the doctors are familiar with treating patients from across the border.

Why can’t you simply book on your own?

It is very hard to do a booking and be certain that the place you go to have the surgery will be of the standard you are used to and that the doctors have the required skill and experience. After all, you are simply assuming that the information given on the website is correct. You are not verifying this information. Once you get to the place, what happens if you are not happy with the treatment or the doctor, or worse, have a botched surgery?

Anyone can have a reaction during surgery. If you have other health problems, then you need to be all the more careful and tell the doctor everything about your medical history. When you book through Medical Departures, you can be sure that we are taking the best possible care. We investigate the background, certifications, credentials and qualifications of the doctors and only when we are satisfied that we list them or the clinics or hospitals they are attached to on our website. We also see that the places offer good quality amenities,  follow international hygiene protocols and best treatment practices. So you can book with us without any apprehensions.

How much time does forehead lift surgery take and what is the approximate recovery period?

Usually the surgery will take around one and a half to two hours. It may be done under general or local anesthesia depending on your and the doctor’s preference and whether you have open surgery or endoscopic surgery. If you have other procedures done at the same time, then the surgery time will be longer, you will probably be under general anesthesia and you may have to stay overnight in hospital. You will either have sutures or clips or tapes to close the incisions. You will have bandages and sometimes even drainage tubes.

You will have bruising and swelling for one to two weeks. You will be advised to sleep with your head elevated to prevent fluid collection and promote healing. You may need antibiotics and painkillers and will have to follow medical advice regarding bathing and showering and use of skin care products.

What is the cost of forehead lift?

The cost of a forehead lift in Mexicali costs, on average,  US $3,000  (CAN $4,000; UK £2,300; EURO €3,000; AUS $4,000; NZ $4,200) compared to an average in the United States of $8,000 (CAN $11,000; UK £6,000; EURO €7,500; AUS $11,000; NZ $11,500)

What now?

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