Hair Transplant in Chiang Mai

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Transplant in Chiang Mai

Looking at ways to remedy a thinning hairline or bald spot with a hair transplant? In Chiang Mai you can book a holiday and have your treatment while you’re there - all at a much lower price than you’d pay at home.

Our doctors are dedicated to the practice of hair transplantation, recognizing that both men and women suffer from hair loss problems on the head, or other areas, such as eyebrows or lashes. For that, we have the latest hair restoration and hair transplant techniques to ensure you feel more confident about your looks. In most cases, multiple treatments may be necessary to give you the results you want.

Why Get Hair Transplant in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is a known medical tourist destination, and has competent clinics and surgeons who offer high-quality hair transplant at reasonable costs. So, if your bald spot or thinning hair is getting you down, Chiang Mai may be an option where you can spend less, get the quality and take advantage of relaxing in a holiday destination.

The town is also one of the best budget travel destinations you should include in your travel list. The old temples with well-manicured gardens, Thai cuisine and culture will make a delightful vacation before or after your treatment.

Of course none of this is of any importance unless you can guarantee the quality, and while no medical treatment can ever be guaranteed to be successful, ensuring you choose doctors and clinics with the right credentials will go a long way to ensuring it is.

At Medical Departures we make it easier as we have already carried out quality checks including doctors’ qualifications, online testimonials, and legal verifications. We pay onsite visits have also confirmed that the Facilities have adhered to ISO protocols as far as safety and hygiene standards are concerned.

How long does the hair transplant procedure take and what is the recovery time?

A hair transplant procedure moves hair from a donor site to fill other areas that have thin or no hair at all. It is a simple, outpatient procedure that requires local anesthesia and is a permanent solution that doesn’t require ongoing maintenance - except of course for haircutting and styling!

The surgery starts by preparing removing strips of tissue from the balding or thinning area and replacing this with grafts containing healthy hair follicles. The grafts are usually placed in varying densities. After the surgery, you will notice countless tiny incisions with short hair stubble showing from the new grafts.

The duration of the surgery often depend on the extent of the baldness but typically lasts between 4- 8 hours. Hair transplant can always be repeated if you, later on, wish to have denser hair.

Following the surgery, you will be put on medication for several days. This usually includes antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drug. Since the area is covered with gauze, you may have to wear a pressure bandage for the first two days.

After about a week, the tenderness and scabbing in the transplant area will clear up, an indication that the tiny graft incisions are finally healing. It is at this time when you can resume your normal activities. The hair grafts will fall out initially, but will grow back in the following months.

What is the Cost of Hair Transplant in Chiang Mai Compared to Australia?

Hair transplant surgery in our Chiang Mai clinics is estimated to be around AUD $7,800 (UK £3,800; US $5,500; EUR €4,800) compared to $12,000 in Australia (UK £5,900; US $8,300, EUR €7,500)

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