Hair Transplant in Phuket Province

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Transplant in Phuket Province

Hair transplants in Phuket are a wonderful treatment that have successfully brought real and naturally growing hair on many balding scalps. The basic idea of hair transplants is as simple as cutting a patch of skin with hair - and grafting it on that part of the head where hair you want hair to grow.

Your locks cover the head and define the uppesr boundary of your face to give a proportionate look to your face. Hair loss disrupts this proportion and makes you look older than your age. If your hairline has started receding due to excessive hair loss and your skin has begun to peep out from your hair then you can fix this problem by getting a hair transplant at an affordable price in Phuket.

Hair transplants have helped many celebrities and folks from all walks of life to regain their confidence - from footballers to Hollywood A-listers.

Why get a Hair Transplant in Phuket?

Most people who come to Phuket for hair transplantation do so because of the cost. Prices are considerably lower than at home and they can have a holiday and their treatment for far less than they’d pay for the treatment alone back home.

Getting a hair transplant in Phuket could be a good idea for you because you can combine your treatment with a perfect holiday and surprise your colleagues and friends at home by the new hair growth when your transplanted hair starts growing some months after the treatment.

Healthcare facilities in Phuket are generally good, and because Phuket is a popular holiday location for foreign visitors, services geared specifically toward medical tourists are springing up.

Many patients find their experience of healthcare in Thailand better than at home with high-tech, modern hospitals or clinics, and with doctors who have years of experience and likely to be members of international professional organizations such as the International Society of Hair Restoration.

At Medical Departures we recommend only those clinics which meet our strict criteria. We visit clinics personally and our quality checks verify qualifications, certifications and accreditations of medical practitioners as well as ensuring the availability of international standards of medical facilities before adding a clinic to our list of recommendations.

How Hair Transplant works?

During hair transplants the surgeon examines your hair so that he can select a donor patch of skin with hair from the back or sides of your head. These patches are selected in such a way that these areas may get covered by the existing hair. A patch is removed by numbing the skin of your head and the scalp is sewn again.

Doctor will make numerous grafts from the donor patch. The hairless area on your head will be numbed and tiny holes will be created with the help of a sterilized needle to plant these grafts. New hair grows from these grafts.

How long does the Hair Transplant procedure take and what is the recovery time?

The procedure can be completed in three to six hours. The doctor will prescribe some medicines to support the healing and you’ll be able to go back to work within 5 days. The planted hair will fall out in a few days and the new growth from the treated area will start after a few months. Usually the growth starts after three months of surgery.

What is the cost of Hair Transplant in Phuket compared to Australia and New Zealand?

Hair transplants costs around 50% less in Phuket than they would in Australia.

What now?

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