Nose Job in Kuala Lumpur

The Ultimate Guide to Nose Job in Kuala Lumpur

Don’t like the way your nose looks? Get a nose job in Kuala Lumpur. Changing your nose even slightly can give your face a whole new appearance, make you look better and boost your confidence. If you have nose that is too big or too small or not symmetrical or bumpy, you can get a nose that will suit your face and your looks.

A nose job or rhinoplasty is the easiest thing you can do if the way your nose looks has always bothered you. If you have a problem nose, every time you look at yourself in the mirror, it is probably the first thing that you notice and you have probably wished numerous times to get the surgery done, but held back for one reason or the other.

Why consider a nose job in Kuala Lumpur?

For one thing you can have a holiday and surgery. For the other it will be more affordable and not pinch your pocket. Going to Kuala Lumpur is a great experience as it has all the holiday attractions possible that will appeal to the most jaded tourist. It has the normal sightseeing attractions, but it also has a great shopping and food, all at reasonable prices.

The nature lover, too, will find lots to see and do here, thanks to the parks, gardens, zoos and nature reserves. If you like gambling then a trip to Genting Highlands with its casinos will transport you to a whole new world. KL also has big city attractions including a vibrant night life with everything open till the late night and even on Sundays and other holidays. It has good public transport too and you don’t need a visa for Malaysia if you reside in Australia.

Why can you not simply book on your own?

You can check numerous web sites that you come across in a search. But you will never know how truthful their claims are regarding the work they do. If you are actively considering plastic surgery, you obviously want to look better and not worse, so why take a chance with a random web site that may not have any associations with international organisations like the Joint Commission International? Surgery is not without its attendant risks.

If you book through Medical Departures you should know that we take the utmost care and have your best interests at heart. That is why we thoroughly check all the clinics and hospitals we list on our site. We investigate the qualifications, experience and accreditations of the doctors working there, the training of the staff, the amenities and ambience of the place and the fact that everyone speaks English so you don’t have a communication problem. This way you can be sure that you are safe.

How much time does a nose job take and what is the downtime associated with it?

The time taken for nose reshaping surgery varies and depends on how much work is required; it also depends on whether the surgery is open or closed; done under local or general anesthesia and other factors. It can vary from two to three hours. Usually it is done as an outpatient procedure, which means you will be able to go home (or hotel) after you are awake and recovered. You will have bandages and probably splints and you will need someone with you for a day or two in the very least.

During the time your nose is healing, you may have difficulty in eating hard foods, so make sure that you eat soft foods till you feel that you are more comfortable. You will need to take care for around two to three weeks and may not be able to go out for that time, but the recovery time really varies a great deal and may be shorter.

What is the cost of nose job in Kuala Lumpur?

Depending on how much work is required for your rhinoplasty surgery, you can pay between AUD 1,000 and AUD 4,000 for your nose job. In Australia, you pay a great deal for similar surgery – between AUD 7,000 and AUD 20,000.

What now?

If the shape of your nose really bothers you, you should do well to get the surgery done. The younger you are, the faster will be the healing time and the less the discomfort. So book now with Medical Departures. Look below for more details and to complete the booking process.

You can go for a holiday and return with a nose job in Kuala Lumpur.

(Image by: Jacek Nowak)