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The Ultimate Guide to Nose Job in Philippines

Last fact-checked: 3 December 2020

Discover a far more affordable way to fix your nose (without having to compromise on quality) with a nose job in the Philippines.

With Medical Departures, you can find quality-checked surgeons and clinics at prices that are often thousands less than back home–and what’s more, you have the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic holiday prior to your procedure.

Why Choose the Philippines for a Nose Job?

The medical tourism program in the Philippines has proven to be a big success. The government planned to boost medical tourist arrivals to the country, putting in place an enhanced infrastructure, improving facilities and utilizing an international marketing campaign to increase awareness of what the country offers:

  • High-quality, low-cost medical care
  • Skilled staff with appropriate qualifications and expertise
  • English speaking staff
  • Internationally-accredited hospitals and facilities
  • Strict adherence to international health and safety protocols

Public and private healthcare facilities are different in the Philippines, but booking through Medical Departures ensures you will be seen at a top-notch private facility that caters specifically to international patients.

We only partner with facilities that meet our medical quality and patient safety criteria, and we undertake a number of background checks to ensure we are satisfied with a listed clinic's' credentials. These include onsite visits, collation of authenticated patient reviews, legal/criminal record checks and verification of doctor qualifications and professional memberships.

The Philippines is a wonderful holiday destination, offering picturesque coastlines, palm-fringed beaches, remote mountains and steamy jungles. You will discover a robust array of activities on land and on or in the water: including scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing. Nature lovers will find plenty to see; the country is recognized as one of only 17 megadiverse countries in the world–a term used to refer to the rich biodiversity found in these countries, which often have many unique species peculiar to that particular area.

City lovers will feel at home in Manila – the sprawling Megacity where all Filipino life is there to observe – and of course, all the services, facilities and entertainment you could wish for. The more adventurous will want to head for one (or a few) of the country's idyllic islands, such as Cebu, Boracay or Palawan

What Is the Procedure for a Nose Job? How Long Will it Take?

Nose jobs are individual procedures, depending on the very specific needs of each patient. No two nose jobs are the same–one patient may only want work done to the tip of the nose, whereas others may need reconstruction involving the nasal cartilage, which will take much longer.

A nose job can take anything from an hour up to six; thus, it's best to not have anything planned for the entire day of your treatment. You should also get any sightseeing and strenuous activities in the Philippines out of the way before surgery rather than after. Your physician will advise plenty of rest and will require you to stay out of the sun for at least two weeks.

What Is the Recovery Time After a Nose Job?

Immediately after surgery you will, not surprisingly, feel a little out-of-sorts. You will be bandaged and there will be inflammation and bruising. Nasal splints or gauze may be packed into your nostrils. You may feel headachy and sore and will be given pain relief as well as cold presses to help ease the discomfort.

Dressings may be removed between four and seven days after surgery but bandages may be left on for up to 10 days. You will need to keep your head elevated and may have to sleep sitting upright, propped up with pillows.

The inflammation and swelling will take a few weeks to subside and it may be around three weeks before you can embark on your normal, everyday activities. You will be advised to avoid bending and lifting for the first few weeks and to avoid contact sports and vigorous exercise for around six weeks.

Your nose will settle down over the next few months, but it may take up to a year before it has healed completely.

How Much Can I Save on a Nose Job in the Philippines Compared with Australia or New Zealand?

Nose jobs in the Phlippines cost around AUD $2,000 (US $1,400; CAD $1,800; GBP £1,000; € 1,200). This is compared to around AUD $9,600 in Australia (US $7,100 CAD $9,000; GBP £5,000; €6,300).

These prices are estimates; for the latest prices, take a look at three of our most popular partner clinics in the Philippines below:

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