Nose Job in Manila

The Ultimate Guide to Nose Job in Manila

Thinking about a nose job? In Manila, you can get your surgery and have a holiday. If you can no longer look past the particular imperfections of your nose what better way than doing something about it? 

Am I a good candidate for a nose job?

You may be if:

You are unhappy with the shape or size of your nose, need the nasal structure repaired after injury, need a revision of previous surgery, or have a deviated septum.
Your face and nose are fully grown.
You are generally healthy.
You don't smoke.
You have realistic expectations of the surgical results.

Why should I get my Nose Job in Manila?

Manila provides top medical care and excellent surgeons and medical staff. But that’s not all, by a long shot. Imagine buying ocean fresh seafood, caught that day, right from the market stalls, and having it cooked right away for you – you can’t find fresher seafood. If nature is more your thing, volcanoes to beaches, and everything between, are easily accessible. Even shopping can be fun, especially when you realize how much you are saving just by coming to Manila for your rhinoplasty. Manila offers visitors lots of options for a good time

Along with a new nose, you can see savings of 50%-90%, including airfare and accommodations. Talk with your surgeon about how your recovery can turn into a vacation.

What is the cost of a nose job in Manila?

Prices vary, depending upon your exact service and where you get it done, but you can find savings of 50-90%.

How can I be sure of the quality of a nose job done in Manila?

Researching the surgeon and clinic, just as you would for nose job at home, is essential to ensure the quality you need. Things to check are the surgeon’s education, qualifications, accreditation and professional memberships. Search for reviews from previous patients, and look at their portfolio of before and after photos, to make sure their work matches what you envision for yourself.

That all sounds like a lot of work, but Medical Departures can help you with finding the quality surgeons and clinics you need. We do quality checks on all of our listings, and do site visits. We check and list the surgeon’s educations, qualifications accreditations and professional memberships, and more. We even include hi-definition clinic photos, and patient reviews.

What happens during a Rhinoplasty procedure?

The surgeon will talk with you and assess your health and needs. You’ll also talk about what you should expect to see for results. The examination will include some x-rays, various tests, and “before” photos.

A 24 hour waiting period prior to surgery allows you to consider the changes that will be made to your nose. On the day of surgery, anesthesia will be administered, your surgeon will make incisions, and will reshape your nose. Once the reshaping is complete, the surgeon will close the incision.


Two common procedures are:
“Closed" procedure, which hides the incision inside the nose.
“Open" procedure requires the surgeon to make an incision in the piece of your nose that separates your nostrils.
Your surgeon will make the best choice for you.

How long will I be in surgery?

Nose jobs take about two hours to complete.

What is recovering from a nose job like?

Nose jobs are generally outpatient procedures, and you will need to have someone drive you home after your surgery. Take it easy for the rest of the day, and don’t drive until the anesthesia wears off. You will be fitted with a nasal splint for the first week, and bruising will decrease during that time, too. Noticeable swelling will decrease over the next two weeks. While it may take a few months for all of the swelling to go away, you and your surgeon may be the only ones who notice it. You should see the final shape of your nose in about six months.

You should avoid strenuous exercise 3-4 weeks after surgery.

What now?

Ready to book? Check out Manila clinics, and get in touch with our Customer Care Team if you'd like to discuss getting your nose job in Manila.

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