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Eyebrow Lift in Johor Bahru

The Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Lift in Johor Bahru

Looking grumpy and tired but feel fine? Maybe you could do with an Eyebrow Lift? In Joho Bahru you could get the procedure done for between 50-70% less than at home – and with the savings you make it will easily pay for the trip there so you can have a holiday at the same time.

Johor Bahru is Malaysia’s second largest city offering world-class facilities, skilled medics and low, low prices.

Why should I have an Eyebrow Lift in Johor Bahru?

Malaysia’s a wonderful country to spend some time visiting. There’s a host of different activities and scenery to suit your mood – from the beautiful beaches in Langkawi to the UNESCO World Heritage listed old streets of George Town in Penang to the cut and thrust of city life. It’s all here for you to experience to the full.

Johor Bahru is located to the south of the Peninsular Malaysia along the Straits of Johor. It is connected to Woodlands, Singapore by the Johor-Singapore Causeway and is a popular destination for Singaporeans.

The city boasts a number of cultural attractions and historic buildings, including the Grand Palace and the Wooden Railway – the Johor Bahru Rail Station, which is now a museum. Shopping is one of the main activities in the city, with large malls like the KSL City Mall catering for the fashion-conscious and the Mawar Handicrafts Centre and JARO selling hand-made goods.

In terms of amenities for medical travelers Johor Bahru provides high-quality medical staff and contemporary clinics. There is no language barrier – English is spoken everywhere, and the country is peaceful and trouble-free.

What is the procedure for Eyebrow Lifts in Johor Bahru and how long does it take?

Surgery shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours and there are several techniques which your surgeon may prefer:

Open Brow Lift:

Excess fat is removed from below the skin through a long incision made either in the hairline, or in one of the creases in the forehead.

The surgery for eye brow lifts usually takes a couple of hours. Your surgeon may use one of the following techniques:

Endoscopic Brow Lift:

An endoscope (a long, thin tube) is inserted through small incisions in the scalp. A camera and light are positioned at the end of the tube and the images of the tissue inside your forehead beamed to a monitor. The surgeon can then guide the endoscope and work on the tissue beneath your skin without having to make a long incision. The small incision scars in your scalp will, of course, be hidden by your hair.

Limited Incision:

This is a combination of both the above procedures, and is usually used for crow’s feet.

How long is the recovery time after an eye brow lift?

Expect swelling and bruising around the eye area, and to feel a little discomfort for a few days. The downtime is fairly minimal and many people go back to work after a week, although you shouldn’t participate in vigorous activity for around 6 weeks.

How much does an Eyebrow Lift in Johor Bahru cost compared to Australia and New Zealand?

In Johor Bahru eyebrow lifts are around 50% of the cost compared to Australia

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