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Light-based Hair Removal in Johor Bahru

The Ultimate Guide to Light-based Hair Removal in Johor Bahru

Want to get rid of excess hair? Find out about light based hair removal in Johor Bahru, Malaysia’s rapidly-developing city.

Light based hair removal is often confused with laser hair removal as the technology is similar. Both use light to weaken the hair root, but whereas laser hair removal uses one wavelength, light based hair removal uses multiple wavelengths. It is also knows as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal.

Am I suitable for Light Based Hair Removal Treatment?

Not all hair types are suitable. Dark hair absorbs the light more readily than light hair, which means that the full effect of the light will not travel to the root, and so the darker your hair is, the better. However, in order for the light to ‘see’ the dark hair, it needs to be against a pale background, which is why it is only suitable on fair skins. On dark skins the light will be absorbed by the surrounding dark skin as well as the hair, thus weakening the effect.

Why should I have Light Based Hair Removal in Johor Bahru?

Health and beauty tourism is highly regarded in Malaysia, and standards are high, but the prices are considerably lower for Western nations, and other Asian nations, such as Singapore. Singapore is Johor Bahru’s nearest neighbor, and so it makes sense for a lot of Singaporeans to drive over the causeway, or get the train, into Johor Bahru for cheaper services and shopping.

For many international visitors, the recent instability of the Malaysian Ringgit means that currency conversions are also favourable, making a trip here even more cost-effective.

For travelers who prefer city destinations, Johor Bahru is certainly packed with all the services and facilities you would expect from a modern city – decent hotels, lots of dining-out options and, of course, shopping. There are a few famous attractions and landmarks in the city, as well as the Danga Bay – the recreational waterfront and Hutan Bandar – the Jungle in the City. Out of the city there are national parks, forests and waterfalls to enjoy as well as neighbouring islands, including Tioman – a popular destination for locals. Malaysia is one of only 17 megadiverse countries in the world and so is definitely worth exploring if you are a lover of nature.

Why book with Medical Departures?

Booking with Medical Departures gives you the certainty that you will be going to a quality-checked facility. We do a number of background checks, ensuring the credentials of your chosen clinic stack-up. This includes legal and criminal checks, as well as verification of qualifications and professional memberships. 

What will happen during the procedure for Light Based Hair Removal treatment? 

You will first be given a skin test, to make sure you suffer from no allergic reactions, and you will be provided with safety glasses to protect your eyes from the brightness of the laser.

Your practitioner uses a handpiece which is touched lightly against the skin. It doesn’t hurt, but it is hot, and you may feel some discomfort, as well as a burning smell from the hairs. Some machines emit a cooling mist to ease discomfort.

The length of treatment varies, depending on whether you are having a small or large area. The other thing is that one treatment is not enough to stop the hairgrowth, as each hair follicle will need to be treated several times before it is destroyed. This means you will probably need a course of 6-8 treatments in totoal.

What is the cost of light based hair removal treatment in Johor Bahru?

Prices vary on the nature of the procedure, but the average cost of light based hair removal in Johor Bahru is AUD $650 (NZ $690; UK £400; EURO €450; US $500; CAN $660) compared to AUD $1,660 (NZ $1,758; UK £1,000; EURO €1,150; US $1,260; CAN $1,670) in Australia.

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