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Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Johor Bahru

The Ultimate Guide to Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Johor Bahru

Get male breast reduction surgery in Johor Bahru – save money and recuperate in one of Malaysia’s fast-developing cities.

Man boobs, or Moobs, is the common name for this affliction, called gynaecomastia, to give it its medical term. This embarrassing problem can really affect self-esteem, and can happen to men of any age, regardless of whether they are overweight.

What causes Gynaecomastia?

The common assumption is that it is overweight men who suffer from this problem. However, that isn’t necessarily so. External factors, including alcoholism and using certain drugs, such as steroids, can lead to the problem but so too can hormonal diseases. If you are concerned about your man boobs your doctor will be able to advise on what the cause is, and whether male breast reduction surgery is suitable in your case.

Why should I get male breast reduction in Johor Bahru?

The main reason is likely to be the cost – you will certainly save money on the procedure by traveling to Johor Bahru. It’s also likely to be a good opportunity to have a holiday at the same time as your surgery. The downtime after the procedure is not too bad, and many people are back at work in a week. If you’ve had the surgery early on in your holiday you may want to spend a week relaxing and recuperating afterwards before you head off home, making the most of your new svelte figure and seeing the sights.

Johor Bahru is the southernmost city at the end of the Malay Peninsula, and just over the Straits of Johor from Singapore. There’s plenty to do in the city, but if you fancy popping over to Singapore then it’s easily doable. In fact, the train journey from Singapore Woodlands to Johor Bahru is only 10 minutes!

If you are concerned about the quality of healthcare in Malaysia then you needn’t worry. The government take medical tourism seriously and see to it that facilities are exceptionally good. Doctors in Malaysia are well-trained and qualified, and facilities modern, contemporary and fully-equipped with the latest technologies.

Why should I book with Medical Departures?

Obviously, when you are traveling overseas for medical care you will want to make sure you go to a decent facility, but we know it is sometimes difficult to find out good information. This is where we aim to make the process simpler. Medical Departures has already done background checks, including legal and criminal, as well as verifying doctors qualifications, and memberships with professional organizations, such as the International Society of Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), which are listed on our website, along with real patient reviews and clinic photos. You can check through our listings to find specialists in male breast reduction surgery, compare prices and book in confidence. If you’ve got any questions our Customer Care Team are always available to chat to.

How long does male breast reduction surgery take and what’s involved?

The procedure typically takes a couple of hours, and is usually done under a general anaesthetic. Depending on the extent of the excess tissue in the breasts, incisions are made either just around the nipples, or down the chest wall. The tissue is removed through the incisions, and the nipples respositioned if necessary, before the wounds are stitched closed. Wound drains are sometimes inserted to help fluid away from the area, and bandages, or a compression garment, fitted.

What is the recovery time and how long will I have to spend in Johor Bahru for a male breast reduction?

After surgery you will be given pain medication, and you will feel stiff and tender afterwards for several days. You’ll probably find lying in our back to be more comfortable, which will also help with easing the swelling. You will be encouraged to get back on your feet as soon as possible and you should find that everyday activities should be doable after a day or two. You will need to go back and have a check-up with your surgeon to make sure everything’s healing as it should, and to remove any drains, 5-7 days later.

Strenuous activities and sports should be avoided for 6 weeks to give your body time to heal, and you will be advised to keep the scars out of the sun for 6 months, as this will lead to discolouration.

What is the cost of male breast reduction in Johor Bahru, compared to Australia and Canada? 

The average cost of male breast reduction surgery in Johor Bahru are  AUD $2,500 (NZ $2,600; US $1,900; CAD $2,500; UK £1,500; EUROS €1,700 compared to around AUD $5,400 (NZ $5,200; US $4,000; CAD $5,200; UK £2,600; EUROS €3,500) in Australia.

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