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The Ultimate Guide to Sculptra in Johor Bahru

Looking for dermal filler options in Johor Bahru? Sculptra is a leading dermal filler that is designed to give subtle results over the course of a few treatments.

It works best on wrinkles that are visible all the time, rather than ones you can see when you pull an expression, so the results are gentle and understated.

How does Sculptra work?

Sculptra helps to replace collagen – one of the building blocks of good skin, which unfortunately decreases in bucket-loads as we age, leading to lines, then wrinkles, then folds and ultimately, to sagging.

The main ingredient in Sculptra is a synthetic material that is readily absorbed by the body and has been in medical use for decades, called poly-L-lactic acid.

Why have Sculptra in Johor Bahru?

Johor Bahru is one of Malaysia’s fastest-growing cities. It may not be a typical go-to destination in terms of iconic buildings, although there are one or two, but it is a modern, ever-changing city that has all the amenities a contemporary city should have, including hotels, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. It also has the unique 23 kilometer Danga Bay recreational waterfront, a zoo, a number of golf courses and other outdoor pursuits, including pedalos and horse-riding.

Obviously, with Johor Bahru being a city on-the-up, its medical and healthcare facilities are also exceptionally good. Again, you’ll find modern facilities and skilled medical staff, and many clinics adhere to internationally recognized codes on hygiene and safety, as well as using FDA-approved materials.

Why should I book Sculptra in Johor Bahru with Medical Departures?

While dermal fillers are popular treatments, it’s a mistake to be complacent about who is administering them. At the end of the day, the treatment involves injecting a foreign substance into your skin, and requires a practitioner who is not only qualified but skilled. 

Booking with Medical Departures ensures you get scene at a clinic where we have verified credentials. We do a number of checks, including onsite visits as well as confirm qualifications and professional memberships of medical staff. We list this information on our site, with clinic photos, patient reviews and prices, so you can make a full comparison and choose with all the salient information in front of you.

What is involved in the Sculptra treatment? How long does it take? 

It is recommended that Sculptra be taken in a course of 3 treatments to be fully-effective – typically with around 4-6 weeks (the time it takes for your body to grow new collagen) between each treatment.

Injection sites are chosen by your practitioner, depending on where you want the effects, and the product injected into the skin using a fine-needled syringe. You may experience a little reddening of the skin, localized swelling and possibly bruising for a day or two after the treatment, but these will soon subside. You will be given aftercare instructions in order to obtain the best results from the treatment, which includes massaging the treatment area a couple of times a day for a week.

Optimal results are achieved after the complete course of treatments, the effect of which can last for up to two years.

What is the cost of Sculptra in Johor Bahru compared to Australia and New Zealand?

Although not as expensive as surgery, Sculptra is reasonably expensive in comparison to other dermal fillers and you are likely to save around 50% on the cost if you get Sculptra in Johor Bahru.

What now?

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