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Sleeve Gastrectomy in Johor Bahru

The Ultimate Guide to Sleeve Gastrectomy in Johor Bahru

Save on the cost of a Sleeve gastrectomy in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The procedure is one of the bariatric (weight loss) surgeries you can undertake if you are very overweight and want to slim down for health and aesthetic reasons.

This procedure is now one of the most popular weight loss surgeries, rivalling the previous favourite, the gastric band. This is permanent, irreversible treatment and so you rally will have to be committed if you are thinking about this procedure as one of your options, as there is no going back.

Why have a sleeve gastrectomy in Johor Bahru?

Weight loss surgery doesn’t come cheap, and, unfortunately, is not covered by medical insurance. If you are serious about it then you will have to pay some serious money. For many people this just isn’t a possibility. However, if the possibility of getting it for around half price by traveling abroad is something that interests you then Johor Bahru may be a destination that fits the bill.

Not known as a tourist destination (apart from residents of near-neighbour Singapore who are a short car journey or train ride away), Johor Bahru is a rapidly developing city. It has a good infrastructure and all the modern-city amenities and services you’d expect, including hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.

An international airport makes it easily accessible from across the globe and it’s a good base to start from if you want to explore other areas of the country – such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in George Town, Penang, or the Capital, Kuala Lumpur. Nearby Singapore is only a 10 minute train journey away.

As far as medical tourism services are concerned then you needn’t worry about them being sub-par. The Malaysian government has undertaken a number of initiatives to put Malaysia on the medical tourist map and facilities that cater to overseas visitors are exceptionally good. New facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and highly-skilled staff ensure visitors are not disappointed.

Why book Sleeve Gastrectomy in Johor Bahru with Medical Departures?

We to that extra mile to ensure you are completely happy with our services. You can search our listings to choose your clinic/surgeon, compare prices and book in a variety of ways. We also offer concierge services if you are worried about being on your own and we guarantee you will always get the best prices from us.

With Medical Departures you are assured of good quality. We know how important it is that you feel safe and secure – this was a number one priority in a recent patient survey undertaken by the Medical Tourism Association. So, we do background checks, on legal and criminal records, qualifications and professional memberships, which are published on our site, alongside real patient testimonials and clinic photos, giving you a full range of criteria to help you choose.

What is the procedure for sleeve gastrectomy? How long does it take?

A sleeve gastrectomy procedure takes between one and two hours, and is typically carried out under a general anaesthetic. Traditional surgical techniques whereby long incisions are made across the abdomen are very much a thing of the past these days as most of these procedures are carried out laparascopically (aka keyhole surgery) where a number of small incisions (2 to 5) are made through which a tiny camera is passed. This beams the area to be worked upon onto a TV screen so the surgeon can work through the small incisions without having to open up the whole abdomen.

The procedure involves removing up to 75% of the stomach, the remainder of which is formed into a tube, about the size of a banana. In effect, this massively reduces the amount of food you can eat because there is only a small space for it to go. You will feel fuller a lot quicker and the weight will soon begin to drop off.

What is the recovery time for sleeve gastrectomy?

Your digestive system will need time to heal so you will have to stay in hospital for a day or two and you won’t be able to eat anything. You will then have to start introducing food again slowly – first with liquids, then liquidized or mashed food before moving onto solids.

You will be monitored very closely and given diet and exercise advice to help you make the most of your new lifestyle. This will be a huge change both physically and emotionally while your body gets used to the new regime, and you may feel tired and low for a few weeks. Once you have adapted you will feel significantly better, especially when you start to see the results of your weight loss.

What is the cost comparison of sleeve gastrectomy in Johor Bahru compared to Australia or New Zealand? 

In Johor Bahru, a sleeve gastrectomy costs, on average, around AUD $11,700 (NZ $12,500; US $9,000; CAN $11,700; UK £7,300: EURO €8,100) compared to around AUD $24,500 in Australia (NZ $26,300; US $19,000; CAN $23,400; UK £12,000: EURO €17,000)

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