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Vaginoplasty in Johor Bahru

The Ultimate Guide to Vaginoplasty in Johor Bahru

Find amazing prices on vaginoplasty in Johor Bahru in Malaysia with Medical Departures quality-checked surgeons.

Childbirth stretches the vaginal muscles, which may leave them slack afterwards, leading to a decrease in sexual pleasure. This procedure can help you to get your sexual confidence back.

Why have vaginoplasty in Johor Bahru?

One of the reasons many people are choosing to have cosmetic surgery abroad is undoubtedly the cost. Many Asian countries, including Malaysia, have a much lower cost of living than Western countries, such as Aus/NZ; UK/Eire and the US/Canada. Westerners can, therefore, make huge savings by going abroad and get a two-for-one deal by opting to have a holiday at the same time. Vaginoplasty is significantly lower-priced in Malaysia, costing hundreds rather than thousands, and is well worth the trip if cost is important.

However, regardless of how important cost is, safety is also a significant factor as a 2015 Medical Tourism Association patient survey confirmed. It is no use making terrific savings if you are risking your health in the process.

This is why Malaysia is a good option. The government takes medical tourism seriously and has established various agencies to oversee and monitor healthcare standards and quality, including the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health and the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council. Medical tourists can be assured of excellent standards in modern facilities equipped with approved, state-of-the-art technologies and staffed by medical teams who are well-trained and highly-skilled.

One of the other reasons people travel for healthcare is, of course, to enjoy a holiday. Johor Bahru is not a destination immediately on everyone’s lips, but it is well known to residents from near-neighbour Singapore who travel here all the time. It is a short drive, or 10 minute train ride away, and Singaporeans love it because it is far less expensive for them than it is in their own country.

Johor Bahru is, behind the country’s capital, the most rapidly developing city in Malaysia. So, as far as all the amenities and services tourists want to see in a city – restaurants; hotels; bars; entertainment – the infrastructure is there, and growing daily, which makes it a great destination for medical tourists.

What does the vaginoplasty procedure involve?

The procedure takes between 1 and 2 hours and is typically performed under a general anaesthetic. The surgery involves removing the excess vaginal lining and tightening the underlying soft tissues and muscles by pulling them taut and stitching with dissolvable sutures. 

What is the recovery time for vaginoplasty?

Although you will experience some initial discomfort, in comparison to other surgical procedures it is not particularly painful, and recovery is fairly quick. The surgery will probably be carried out as an out-patient, so you won’t have to spend the night in hospital. You will need someone to drive you back to your hotel afterwards though.

You will need to wait for the stitches to dissolve before you can have a bath, or go swimming – usually 5-7 days, but showering is allowed after 48 hours. The recovery is so quick that many people (if they have the surgery at home) are back in work after 3 days.

Avoiding strenuous activities is recommended for 6 weeks, and that involves sexual intercourse as well as heavy lifting and sports.

Vaginoplasty can be carried out as a standalone procedure, but can be included as part of a vaginal rejuvenation procedure alongside labiaplasty or clitoropexy.

What is the cost of vaginoplasty in Johor Bahru compared to Australia/New Zealand?

Average cost of the procedure in Australia is AUD $11,000 (NZ $11,800; UK £6,800; EURO €7,600; US $8,300; CAN $11,000), but the price of vaginoplasty in Malaysia is considerably less expensive at AUD $800 (NZ $869; UK £500; EURO €555; US $600; CAN $800).

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Find amazing prices on vaginoplasty in Johor Bahru in Malaysia with Medical Departures quality-checked surgeons.


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