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Wrinkle Treatments in Johor Bahru

The Ultimate Guide to Wrinkle Treatments in Johor Bahru

Find wrinkle treatments in Johor Bahru that work! Modern science and technology mean there are now more options than ever before to counteract the signs of aging – and if you are holidaying in the area you can take advantage of some amazing prices too!

Fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet – we all succumb to them eventually. While there is nothing wrong with letting nature take its course, there is also nothing wrong with trying to minimize those imperfections either.

Of course, not all things are created equal – and that is exactly the same with our skin. Lifestyle factors, including sun damage and smoking, can pay a massive part in our appearance, but so too can genetics.

What kind of wrinkle treatments are available in Johor Bahru?

Fortunately, there are a huge amount of choices available for tackling wrinkles and other skin imperfections, from simple skin care routines to the ultimate wrinkle-defying treatment – the facelift.

At one time, surgery was pretty-much the only option for keeping wrinkles at me. However, the newest skincare innovations involve science, medicine and technology and the know-how of a cosmetic dermatologist – doctors who specialize in only this area. Many of the treatments they deliver are non-surgical, and, therefore, have a downtime that is considerably less than a surgical procedure.

Surgical Wrinkle Treatments in Johor Bahru:

Surgical wrinkle treatments available include those for the face and body – you can get tummy tucks, butt lifts, liposuction, arm lifts and other wrinkle-reducing tucks and lifts to smooth, contour and shape your figure.

However, it is facial cosmetic surgery procedures that have the most dramatic impact. The facelift is still, undoubtedly, the most radical option although nowadays there are not just full facelifts, but other options, for example a mini lift, or a lower facelift. And if you just have a specific problem area then you can have surgery just to address that. Eyebags? – Get a blepharoplasty. Turkey neck? – A neck lift can remedy that.

Non-surgical (cosmetic dermatology) Wrinkle Treatments in Johor Bahru

While surgical options have moved on in recent years it is in the area of cosmetic dermatology where the most innovative developments are happening, with many of the treatments now so commonplace that they are considered part of a skincare maintenance regime in the same way as daily moisturizer.

This area is rapidly developing with new techniques and products coming to market all-the-time, but broadly speaking includes products such as:

  • facial injectables – dermal fillers and Botox;
  • skin resurfacing treatments – dermabrasion, chemical peels, dermaroller
  • laser skin treatments

Some of the newest innovations include platelet rich plasma and stem cell treatments, which may not be in wide use by the masses yet, but have certainly been embraced by celebrities.

Why have wrinkle treatments in Johor Bahru?

Johor Bahru is an up-and-coming destination, although Singaporeans have known about this gem for some time – attracted by the lower prices compared to high-cost Singapore. The Malaysian government have recognized this and there have been resources poured into the city so it is now one of the most rapidly developing in the whole country. This means that more shopping, dining and accommodation options are springing up, as well as new facilities like the 25 kilometre Danga Bay – a mixed retail, leisure and residential area on the waterfront.

The city can make a good base for visiting further afield – whether that’s a quick trip to Singapore, or to Malaysia’s other popular tourist spots, such as Kuala Lumpur, the capital city, or Penang Island with its beaches and UNESCO World Heritage Site at George Town.

Malaysia is also one of the world’s 17 megadiverse countries, offering nature lovers the opportunity to spot some unique flora and fauna.

Healthcare facilities are considerably less expensive for most visitors, and are good and reliable. Although Joint Commission International accreditation is not the be-all and end-all of choosing a good quality facility (it does cost many, many thousands to get accreditation) it can be an indication of the standards you can expect in that location, and Malaysia does have JCI-accredited facilities throughout the country, and in Johor.

Good healthcare facilities are also likely to conform to recognizable international standards on health and safety – whether that’s certification with the International Standards Organization, or using US FDA-approved materials.

A former British colony, English is spoken widely so there are no language barriers.

Why book wrinkle treatments in Johor Bahru with Medical Departures?

A 2015 patient survey by the Medical Tourism Association revealed that safety is the most important factor in choosing a medical tourism destination. If you want that additional peace-of-mind that the clinic you choose has been background-checked then book with us. We check legal and criminal records, but we also verify doctor qualifications and list professional memberships. There are a great many professional organizations a doctor can be a member of and one isn’t necessarily better than the other, but it’s good to know so that you can make up your own mind.

We also visit clinics personally, publishing photos online, as well as real patient testimonials AND we guarantee the best prices.

What is the cost of wrinkle treatments in Johor Bahru compared to Australia/New Zealand?

Obviously the cost differs widely depending on the nature of the treatment you have, but:

Average cost of a facelift in Johor Bahru AUD $7,000 (NZ $7,500; UK £4,400; EURO €4,800; US $5,300; CAN $7,000) compared to AUD $23,000 (NZ $25,000; UK £15,000; EURO €16,000; US $17,600; CAN $23,200).

Average cost of a non-surgical facelift, like Thermage, in Johor Bahru AUD $1,270 (NZ $71,360; UK £800; EURO €900; US $970; CAN $1,270) compared to AUD $3,400 (NZ $3,600; UK £2,100; EURO €2,300; US $2,600; CAN $3,400).

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