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The Ultimate Guide to Body Lift in Manila

You’ve lost the pounds of extra weight, which is great for your health, but now have loose and sagging skin. Getting a body lift in Manila can help you regain a svelte and smooth contour with the help of highly educated and experienced medical care. You’ll even find costs that are incredibly affordable. A body lift (belt lipectomy, truncal body lift, extensive tummy tuck) removes loose hanging skin from the area under the breasts to above the buttocks.

Am I a good candidate for Body Lift?

You may be if:
You are in good overall health and don’t smoke
You have lost a massive amount (30-50%) of weight and have a lot of loose skin around your waist and back.
Your weight has been stable for 6 months
You have realistic expectations of the the kind of results you’ll see, and the scars that will remain

Why Should I get my Body Lift in Manila?

Manila has become a mecca for medical tourism. With a developed network of JCI accredited hospitals, and medical providers with high standards of excellence, you’ll find the same caliber of care in Manila, as you’d expect at home, but cost savings of 50%-90%.

Sure, you’ll have to fly to Manila, and stay in a hotel, but the cost savings of 50%- 90% include the costs of airfare and accommodations. You could even turn your quest for a more streamlined form into a mini vacation. Just talk with your surgeon to find out when to schedule your vacation and tour around the Philippines.

What is the cost of a body lift in Manila compared to Australia and New Zealand?


How can I be sure of the quality of Body Lift in Manila, Philippines?

Thorough research is key to finding a surgeon that you trust, for any surgery, anywhere. You’d research a surgeon in Manila, the same way you’d research one at home. You’ll want to know their education, memberships to professional organizations, and how many body lifts they’ve done. You’ll want to look at as many before and after photos as you can find, and read as many reviews from past patients as you can get your hands on.

You can compare the info you find with what we, at Medical Departures, have compiled. We do significant quality checks to ensure we share surgeons who have the best education – many have been educated in top Filipino medical schools, as well as in Europe and the U.S.A. We list their professional memberships, specialties, professional qualifications, reviews and before & after photos. We even take the additional step of criminal and legal checks.

What happens during Body Lift surgery?

Body Lift surgery is done under general anesthesia or IV Sedation. The surgeon will make incisions in a bikini pattern, all the way around your body. Next, the surgeon removes the excess skin, repositions and tightens tissues. As the surgeon closes the incisions, he/she will add sutures to support the new contours, and do the final closing using a variety of methods, including skin adhesives, tapes or clips.

You can read more about Body Lifts at the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


You may see different kinds of “body lifts” out there.
Upper body lift is a combination of an arm lift and breast lift.
Mid body lift (torsoplasty) treats the tummy area as well as the thighs hips and butt, and allows for a smoother contour of the waist and down the upper legs.
Lower body lift is the most common type of body lift, and is also known as a belt lipectomy. Along with removing excess skin, this technique also has a side benefit of acting as a butt lift.
Total body lift combines the upper, mid and lower body lifts.

How long will the Body Lift procedure take to do?

Body Lift surgery takes about three and a half to five hours to do. A total body lift can take between four and seven hours to do.

What does the recovery process look like?

You’ll see results almost immediately, but it takes up to two years to see final results.

You may spend about two to three days as an inpatient, or perhaps return home same day, if you have in-home nursing. You can take short walks starting the next day. Ideally you’ll have planned to have help, as you need to avoid strain to heal properly. You’ll want to avoid bending at the waist for about a month.

Depending on the body lift type you have, recovery can take anywhere between two weeks to 6-8 months.

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