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Laser Eye Surgery in Manila

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Eye Surgery in Manila

You’ve heard about laser vision correction, and want to ditch your glasses for good? Laser vision correction has never been more affordable than getting Laser Eye surgery in Manila. Laser Eye Surgery can help correct, hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), and even astigmatism (blurry vision).

Am I a good candidate for Laser Eye Surgery?

You may be a good candidate for Laser Eye Surgery if:
Your vision prescription has been stable for at least a year
You are 18 or over
You don’t have uncontrolled glaucoma
You don’t have diseases that slow wound healing
You aren’t pregnant

Why Should I get my Laser Eye Surgery in Manila?

Imagine seeing the world in high-definition, all for 50-90% less than it would cost at home. That savings even includes airfare and hotel! So, not only will your vision be sharply in focus, but you will be able to include a mini-vacation, while you recover. Celebrate your renewed vision with Manila’s white sand beaches, affordable spas, and foods with Spanish, Mexican, Malaysian and American influences.

What is the cost of Laser Eye Surgery in Manila?

Prices vary, but you can find savings of 50-90%.

How can I be sure of the quality of Laser Eye Surgery in Manila?

Research laser eye surgery clinics in Manila. Talk to people who have had it done, read reviews, check the surgeon’s training, experience and qualifications.

Medical Departures helps you in your research. We check providers’ education, experience, reviews, and even do criminal and legal checks. Our quality checks include site visits to make sure the high definition photos on our website match the physical location.

What happens during Laser Eye Surgery?

LASIKS is the most common form of laser eye surgery – here is what you might experience:
You will get some anesthetic eye drops, to numb your eye, and probably some medication to relax you. You will be awake during the procedure, and laying back on a surgical table or reclining chair. Once your eye is numb, and you are relaxed, the surgeon will apply a lid speculum, to hold your eyelid open during the procedure. The surgeon will use a laser to create a flap in the surface of your cornea. The flap is folded back, and the surgeon sculpts the tissue to create your unique prescription. The flap is returned to it’s position, acts like a bandage, and speeds healing.

Your surgeon will talk to you about your specific procedure.


While LASIKS is the most common form of laser eye surgery, here are a couple other common techniques:
PRK or photorefractive keratectomy corrects moderate vision problems, and reshapes the top of the cornea, without a flap.
LASEK, laser epithelial keratomileusis, is similar to PRK, but creates a thin epithelial flap.

How long will the procedure take to do?

Laser surgery is relatively quick – about only 10-15 minutes per eye.

What does the recovery process look like?

Each laser eye surgery procedure and surgeon may have different instructions for you to follow, but here is what you can generally expect right after LASIK:

You’ll be given protective sunglasses and eye shields. You’ll have to wear the eye shields while sleeping for the first 7 days after surgery, to keep you from rubbing or putting pressure on your eyes.
You’ll be prescribed some eye drops, including antibiotic, steroid, and lubricating drops.
You may feel like you have an eyelash in your eye – that is normal.
Do not rub your eyes during recovery.
Plan to have someone drive you home from the surgery.
Your vision may be cloudy at first, but will clear quickly, and improve steadily over the next six months.
Wait a day to shower, and then make sure not to get any water or soap in your eyes for about a week or more.
You can get back to work in a day or two, depending on the type of your work.
In about a week, you can return to normal exercise and wearing eye makeup. Also, hold off on swimming for about 2 weeks.

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