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Chemical Peel in Mexicali

The Ultimate Guide to Chemical Peel in Mexicali

Looking to rejuvenate your skin with a chemical peel? In Mexicali you can find good quality clinics at affordable prices - and if you live in Texas or one of the southern United States you’ll find it a convenient location to get to.

At some time or the other you probably wish for the younger skin of your youth when you did not have wrinkles, fine lines, spots and pigmentation that make you look much older. Chemical peels can help you achieve these goals without having to undergo any surgery. Medically the name for this treatment is chemexfoliation; it causes controlled damage to the skin, forcing it to regenerate. 

Chemical peels can be mild or strong and come in different variations:

  • Superficial peels

  • Medium peels

  • Deep peels

The superficial peels only affect the top layer of the skin whereas the deep peels go deeper inside. They are much stronger and their results last longer. It is important that a deep peel is carried out in a surgical setting. However, you need to check with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon as to which kind of peel is right for your skin condition.

Why consider chemical peels in Mexicali?

Since chemical peels are considered cosmetic treatment they are not covered by insurance. If you are going to Mexicali then it makes sense to get such a treatment done as it will much cheaper. Of course, if you stay close by in the U.S., within driving distance, you can simply go across the border and get a treatment done as you will save a great deal of money.

Once in Mexicali you can also enjoy the city which has lots to see and do by way of cultural and historical attractions, shopping and food. You can also stay for a few days and make the best of your time out as accommodations are also very reasonably priced.

Why can’t you book on your own?

Some of the superficial and medium peels are not regulated by the FDA and the treatment may be carried out at beauty parlors or by estheticians. Even with these peels, caution is advised because all peels can cause reactions and even cause burns, scars or pigmentation if left on too long or not applied properly under controlled conditions. Deep chemical peels should always be carried out under surgical conditions as these work on the deeper layers of the skin.

For greater safety book through Medical Departures. We always check out the doctors at the clinics and hospitals we list on our website. We carry out in-depth investigations into their background, medical qualifications, credentials and experience. We also see that the clinics have good amenities and follow the required standards of treatment and care. Apart from doing all this we also offer the best price guarantee.

How long do chemical peels take and what is the estimated recovery period?

Some of the peels may be over in 30 minutes while others may take up to an hour. Depending on the kind of peel used, the skin will first be cleaned and then, if required, a local or topical anesthetic will be used. The peel is then applied to the skin and then left on for the required amount of time. It is then removed or neutralized and some cream or ointment is applied to protect the skin. You will be advised to stay out of the sun unless you use a strong sunscreen and will have to use specific products to take care of the skin.

While superficial peels do not have a recovery period as such, you may have some skin redness after the treatment. A superficial peel is also popularly called a lunchtime peel. However, for best results you need to have between three and five treatments for better results at designated intervals.

After a medium peel you may need to take a few days off work as you will have swelling and skin crusting. You will also need to take certain medicines to prevent infection and promote healing. It will take a week or two for the skin to heal completely. After a deep peel you may need to take a week off as you will have bandages on your face. You will not be permitted to wear makeup for two weeks after the deep peel. After both medium and deep peels you will also be required to go for follow up appointments. It may take two to three weeks for the skin to heal completely. For these peels you need to follow certain treatment protocols before and after treatment.

What is the cost of chemical peels in Mexicali?

The price of a superficial chemical peel in Mexicali costs, on average, around $70 (CAN $92; UK £55; EURO €65; AUS $93; NZ $97) compared to an average in the United States of $150 (CAN $200; UK £119; EURO €141; AUS $200; NZ $209)

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