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Hip Replacement in Mexicali

The Ultimate Guide to Hip Replacement in Mexicali

Hip replacement surgery in Mexicali can give you a new lease of life and help you walk and give you greater mobility. 

If you have severe arthritis or an arthritis related disorder or you have had a hip fracture or any other hip joint problem that can only be helped by hip replacement then it is time to consider this surgery. Many people take lots of drugs including heavy doses of painkillers that cause other problems, steroids that work for a short time, physiotherapy, use walking aids and, it is only when they get totally incapacitated, that they consider surgery. As a matter of fact many doctors recommend that hip replacement can help you be off pain killers and other drugs and allow you to lead an active lifestyle.

Don’t think that it is only old people who have this surgery. Many youngsters who have suffered sporting injuries, trauma or even accidents are able to lead an active life after this surgery. Younger people who need this surgery also have better outcomes and recover much faster. For young and old, this surgery can be beneficial and improve the quality of life immeasurably.  

Why should you think of hip replacement in Mexicali?

While hip replacement is necessary surgery and your insurance company should pay for it, it is possible that you don’t have medical insurance. Or your out of pocket expenses may be too high even if you have insurance. Or there may be a long waiting list for the surgery (in countries where such surgeries are paid for by publicly funded healthcare programs). In Canada for instance, people may wait for a few years for this surgery, thus losing years of their life.

In Mexicali you have good medical facilities and hospitals, trained doctors and excellent amenities at the hospitals at affordable rates. . If you need a change of scene it is also a great place with reasonably priced accommodations and food, cultural and historical attractions and lots of activities. It is also easily accessible from the U.S. and Canada, being driving distance from many states or a short haul flight away.

Why can’t you book on your own?

There are orthopedic surgeons who specialize in hip replacement and it is best to go one who is experienced and skilled and knows what kind of joint you need. If you book on your own, you will simply rely on the information on the website and not know how good the surgeon actually is. Hip replacement surgery needs to be done well otherwise you may need revision surgery.

Your health and safety lies in booking with Medical Departures. Firstly, we offer the best price guarantee. But cost should not be the main factor. Secondly, we also carry out a thorough investigation into the qualifications, training, expertise and accreditations of the doctors working at the clinics and hospitals we list on our website. Thirdly, we also check that the clinics and hospitals follow international treatment protocols regarding equipment, operation theatres, and staff and are experienced in using modern technology.

How long does hip replacement take and what is the estimated recovery period?

The hip replacement surgery can take between two and three hours. Most doctors prefer that you should be under general anesthesia for this surgery, though some doctors prefer regional anesthesia due to fewer complications and faster recovery. The joint has to be removed from the areas that are affected and then the joint attached in place of the removed parts. The area is sutured and you will have bandages and drains.

There is a wide range of artificial joints available and your doctor will decide on the right one, giving your medical condition and your lifestyle. These joints may be made of ceramic, metal or plastic or a combination. Some of them may allow the bone to grow as well.  

After surgery you need to stay in hospital for two to three days after complex surgery and one night after a minimally invasive surgery. However, you will need to get up the very next day and start physiotherapy and do other exercises as recommended. You will need walking support devices as advised. Physiotherapy plays an important role in getting you moving, but you should be able to do the exercises advised on your own once home. You will also be on painkillers and antibiotics and go for follow up appointments as required.

What is the cost of hip replacement surgery?

The cost of a hip replacement in Mexicali costs, on average, US $10,000  (CAN $13,200; UK £8,100; EURO €9,800; AUS $13,300; NZ $14,000) compared to an average in the United States of $24,000 (CAN $31,000; UK £19,000; EURO €22,600; AUS $32,700; NZ $33,400)

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