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Knee Replacement in Mexicali

The Ultimate Guide to Knee Replacement in Mexicali

Get a Knee replacement in Mexicali when your joints start giving you trouble.

Mobility problems and pain affect the quality of life and restrict normal activities. Pain in the knees may occur due to arthritis and related problems, accidents, trauma, tumors and other diseases. Often the cartilage and joints wear out due to arthritis and this can occur in the elderly and even the young who can suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. When you follow all medical advice regarding medicines, exercise and diet and you still find it extremely painful to walk, then your doctor may recommend knee replacement surgery.

This surgery is now more common than ever before and it is now recommended at an earlier stage when the doctor knows that you have a progressive problem that is only going to get worse with time. There are many kinds of artificial knee joints available and your doctor may advise either a partial knee replacement or a total knee replacement depending on the condition of your joints.

Why consider knee replacement in Mexicali?

As a medically advised surgery, knee replacement is covered by medical insurance or national health schemes. However, if you don’t have medical insurance the surgery can burn a hole in your pocket. Sometimes if you have medical insurance, you may still have to pay a great deal as co-pay or other charges. In government funded health schemes there is invariably a long waiting time and you can spend years on this list before your turn comes. When you have to pay one way or the other, you should explore your options and see where you can get the surgery done at an affordable rate.

Mexicali is easily accessible from the U.S. and Canada as it is a border city, in the north of Mexico. It is also a medical tourism hub, catering to medical tourists from these countries. It has excellent medical facilities at a much lower rate, with good quality doctors, some of them being board certified or having done some of their training in the U.S.

Why can’t you book on your own?

Knee replacement surgery can significantly improve the quality of your life and when you opt for such surgery, you should not take any risk. When you book on your own you are unable to verify the information put on a website. If the surgery does not go well, then you will need revision surgery and that only means more pain, more disability and more money. In order to minimize your risk you should book through Medical Departures.

We offer protection because we carry out an in-depth investigation into the qualifications and accreditations of the doctors attached to the clinics and hospitals we list on our website. We see that the clinics and hospitals offer state of the art treatment, have good amenities and use modern technology and devices for your comfort.

How long does knee replacement take and what is the approximate recovery period involved?

The time taken for knee replacement surgery will depend on the problems you have, your physical condition and the kind of knee joints you require. It can vary from 45 minutes to three hours or more. It also depends on whether you are getting both knees treated or only one. While general anesthesia is used more often and you are closely monitored during the surgery, you will need to spend a few days in the hospital. You will have stitches and bandages and need to be on antibiotics and painkillers as well.

Recovery period depends on the surgery and joints you have as well as how you respond to the surgery. Some people find it barely painful while others suffer a great deal and need to take strong painkillers during the recovery process. You will need to start exercising as per medical advice and be diligent with your regimen. You can expect a recovery period of around six weeks. On the upside, once you have recovered, you will be able to do more things that you were unable to do due to your mobility issues and have only a very few activity restrictions.

What is the cost of knee replacement in Mexicali?

The cost of a knee replacement in Mexicali costs, on average, US $11,000  (CAN $13,500; UK £8,400; EURO €10,200; AUS $14,00; NZ $14,500) compared to an average in the United States of $25,000 (CAN $32,000; UK £20,000; EURO €23,600; AUS $33,500; NZ $34,500).

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