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Laser Eye Surgery in Mexicali

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Eye Surgery in Mexicali

Discover Laser eye surgery in Mexicali for an affordable way correct failing vision. Also known as LASIK eye surgery, this procedure can be an effective way to correct certain vision problems while eliminating or at least reducing the need to wear corrective lenses or eyeglasses.

Often used to treat astigmatism, near sighted vision, and far sighted vision, laser eye surgery is performed by reshaping the cornea. This allows light to properly focus on the retina, thus helping to correct vision problems.

Why Get Laser Eye Surgery in Mexicali?

If you're tired of relying on eye glasses or corrective lenses, opting for laser eye surgery can give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite activities without glasses or contact lenses. Laser eye surgery has become an increasingly popular option and destinations throughout Mexico, including Mexicali, have become hot spots for this procedure. Along with offering more affordable pricing than the United States, Mexico also offers the benefit of a warm and sunny environment combined with a welcoming culture. Since Mexico can be so easily reached from the United States and Canada, it is little wonder so many people are flocking south of the border for their laser eye surgery.

In choosing a clinic to have your laser eye surgery performed, it is important to pay careful attention to reputation and qualifications. At Medical Departures, we also understand the importance of choosing the right facility. We only list clinics and physicians after we have completed an extensive background check that involves confirming qualifications and professional memberships as well as performing legal and criminal checks. Our website contains lots of information, including whether a physician is a member of the International Society of Refractive Surgery or other organization. We also want to know what past patients have to say about the clinic, so we gather real patient testimonials and these are available to see on the site. Before including any clinic on our list, we also visit the facility in person.

How Long Does Laser Eye Surgery Take and What Is the Recovery Like?

The first step in laser eye surgery is a consultation with your physician. During this consultation, your doctor will take a medical history and examine your eyes. Additionally, he or she will conduct a number of initial tests, such as measuring the thickness of your cornea, pupil dilation, and air pressure. During the initial eye exam, your doctor will also look for any indication of inflammation, infection, dry eyes, or other eye conditions will also evaluating your vision. This exam will also help your doctor to evaluate the areas of the cornea that will need to be reshaped to correct your vision.

Laser eye surgery is performed with the use of a laser that has been specifically programmed to remove a specific amount of tissue from the clear part in the front of your eye, known as the cornea. Each pulse of the laser beam removes a small amount of corneal tissue. With the use of the laser, your surgeon will make the curve of your cornea either flatter or steeper based on your specific condition. Most surgeons will perform the surgery on both eyes in one session. This procedure can usually be completed within approximately 30 minutes. Your doctor may give you medication to help you relax during the procedure. Numbing drops will also be placed in your eye to ensure you are comfortable during the surgery.

Following laser eye surgery, you may notice that your eyes burn, itch, or are watery. It is also common to experience blurred vision. Most patients experience little to no pain following this procedure and are able to recovery their vision quickly. Your doctor may provide you with eye drops or pain medication to help alleviate any discomfort you may feel. Additionally, you may need to wear a shield over your eyes at night until they are fully healed. Patients should expect it to take between two and three months following their surgery for their eyes to heal completely and their vision to stabilize. You will likely have a follow-up appointment with your eye surgeon one to two days following your surgery to ensure your eyes are healing properly. Women should wait several weeks before using cosmetics around their eyes again. You may also need to wait several weeks following your procedure to resume contact sports or swim.

What Is the Cost of Laser Eye Surgery in Mexicali Compared to the U.S. and Canada?

The average cost of laser eye surgery in Mexicali is about $1,200 (EUR €1,076, AUD $1,678, GBP £832) per eye compared to $2,500 (EUR €2,241, AUD $3,496, GBP £1,733) per eye in the United States.

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