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Laser Hair Removal in Mexicali

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal in Mexicali

Laser hair removal in Mexicali can help you get rid of your excess hair woes.

If you have long-struggled with traditional hair removal methods like waxing, threading, hair removal creams, shaving and epilators, then it is time to adopt modern technology in hair removal using lasers that are effective in reducing hair growth, or even eliminating it completely. The older methods can be painful, are time-consuming and need to be repeated at regular intervals. Some of them are quite expensive as well. If you think of a lifetime of going through this process, then laser hair removal looks even more attractive.

After treatment you will find that there is significantly less hair growth. Just keep in mind that you will need a certain number of treatments to get rid of all the hair since all hair does not grow at the same interval. Some women and men may have hormonal or other problems that contribute to increased hair growth and this needs to be medically checked and treated.

Why consider laser hair removal in Mexicali?

Laser hair removal comes under cosmetic treatment and this is not covered by insurance. If you live in the southern US states, then traveling to Mexicali may be a convenient option and you should seriously consider getting this treatment there if you’re looking to save money.

Convenient, and with plenty of options as far as entertainment, shopping, dining and other pastimes to avail of if you want to take a little break from your everyday activities, Mexicali is a large, sprawling city with lots to do.

Why can’t you book on your own?

Mexicali is full of clinics that do laser hair removal among other cosmetic treatments. It is always best to check out the deals and offers available as many of the places may offer treatment that is not of good quality. If laser hair removal is not done properly, you can suffer from pigmentation, burns, irritation, itching and redness. Or the hair may not fall out as it should, making the entire exercise a total waste.

When you book through Medical Departures you will be doing so at a quality checked clinic. That is because we carry out investigations into the qualifications, credentials and experience of the doctors at the clinics. We also check that the places offer good quality amenities, use modern technology and devices and adhere to internationally recognized standards on hygiene and safety (such as ISOs). This makes your experience much safer.

How much time does laser hair removal take and what is the recovery period?

The time taken for laser hair removal will depend on how much is the body is that that is treated. For small areas like the upper lip, chin or underarms, the treatment may take 15-30 minutes. If you are getting larger areas treated like the chest, back, legs and arms, then it will take much longer – each leg or arm may take an hour. You also do need six to eight treatments in all for more effective removal. Laser hair removal works best for people with fair skin and dark hair as dark skinned people may absorb too much of the laser and can suffer from pigmentation instead of reducing hair growth. It also does not work on people whose body is hair is light since it is the melanin in the hair that attracts the laser.  

You also need to the hair to grow for laser hair removal to work. You should have stubble or some hair for it to be removed. So you should not use waxing for at least six weeks and if you shave or use any surface depilation product then about a 4-7 days’ growth is required. After the treatment you may need to take care of your skin by applying ice packs if you have swelling and redness. You should also not scratch your skin or pick at any hair as this can lead to infection. If you are going out in the sun, then use a sun screen.

What is the cost of laser hair removal? 

Laser hair removal can be quite expensive in the U.S. and you can spend between USD 150 to USD 900 per sitting, depending on the clinic and the area to be treated. In Mexicali you will have to pay around 50 percent to 70 percent less.

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