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Light-based Hair Removal in Mexicali

The Ultimate Guide to Light-based Hair Removal in Mexicali

Light based hair removal in Mexicali can reduce or eliminate hair growth significantly from different parts of the body.

If you are a woman, you probably want to get hair removed from arms, under arms, legs and bikini line. Some women also have facial hair that they want to get rid of. Men with toned bodies like to eliminate hair from the back and chest and sometimes arms and legs as well.

Traditional hair removal methods have certain limitations. Sometimes they have to be repeated every few days (in the case of shaving or depilatory creams) or every few weeks (in the case of waxing, sugaring, threading or other epilatory methods). While you use any of these methods, you still have to deal with hair growth which may be coarse or fine and there will be times when all you can do is cover up as best you can, whether you are light skinned with dark hair or are more hairy than normal. IPL or intense pulsed light treatment is safe and effective as a hair removal method.

Why consider light based hair removal in Mexicali?

Light based hair removal, particularly when done on large areas of the body, can cost a lot. In Mexicali, with its numerous clinics and lower price of living, this treatment is available at affordable rates. If you compare the cost of various hair removal methods that you have to undergo regularly, you actually save a great deal when you get IPL done in Mexicali, when compared to regular waxing at a beauty salon or even using depilation creams.

Mexicali is easily accessible from most places in the U.S. and Canada and it is worth going there for a combination of a holiday and some treatment. It has many tourist attractions, great food, good shopping and good climate. You can also find accommodations to suit your budget in a vast range of prices.

Why can’t you book on your own?

Thanks to the proliferation of cosmetic clinics in Mexicali you will find it very hard to make a choice. Since you are not just going for some superficial beauty treatment, it is all the more important that you go to the right place. After all, light based hair removal requires skill and technique and, in the wrong hands, you can not only get burns and pain, but can also suffer from pigmentation which would defeat the purpose of going for an esthetic treatment that is supposed to make you look better.

Medical Departures offers you the best price guarantee as well as safety. We can do this because we check the qualifications, experience and accreditations of the doctors working at the clinics and hospitals we list on our website. We make sure that the clinics offer good quality amenities, follow international treatment protocols and use the latest devices.

How long does light based hair removal take and what is the estimated recovery period?

IPL treatment is similar and yet different from laser hair removal. IPL is a much faster procedure. The device is passed over the treated areas and while it will heat, immediately it will also cool you down so there is minimum discomfort. For small areas with hair that needs to be removed, the treatment can take half an hour. For larger areas it can take one to two hours. You must keep in mind that one treatment will not be enough and you will need several sessions at designated intervals for effective and long lasting results. IPL will remove hair that is in the active phase and, as hair goes through a resting phase as well, you need more treatments to get rid of that hair. 

In case you have some redness and swelling (such as can occur even after waxing if you have sensitive skin) you can use ice packs. When hair does grow back, in between sessions, you will have to shave it off. Apart from not exfoliating the treated skin there are no restrictions. 

What is the cost of light based hair removal in Mexicali?

You can pay USD 250 to USD 500 per session of light based hair removal in the U.S. In Mexicali, you will pay a fraction of this price, often less than 50 percent.

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