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Lip Augmentation in Mexicali

The Ultimate Guide to Lip Augmentation in Mexicali

Thin lips due to ageing or genetics can easily be changed with different procedures. Lip augmentation in Mexicali will give you plumper and sexier lips that actually enhance your facial features. You can have wider lips or even just fuller ones. With enhanced lips, fine lines around your lips also disappear. Your face will have a more generous appearance and you can wear all kinds of lip colors as well that will show off your smile to your advantage.

This plastic surgery procedure is a very popular one and, apart from celebrities, many women like to have bigger lips. There are various surgical and minimally invasive procedures that are used for lip augmentation including:

Implants that are used to give permanent results via small incisions.
Dermal fillers that are FDA approved are injected into the lips for almost immediate results. These need to be topped up after some time.
Fat transfer method is used to inject fat that is harvested from your body. This also needs to be topped up as fat is absorbed by the body over time.

Your doctor will tell you which procedure will be right for depending on the work needed and your goals, including the fact that you want permanent results or temporary ones.

Why consider lip augmentation in Mexicali?

Mexicali is a medical tourism hub and has excellent medical facilities and largely English speaking doctors. If you have been hankering for fuller lips but the cost has been a roadblock, then Mexicali will enable you to get this procedure done at a reasonable price. The city is accessible from Canada and the U.S. and from some nearby places you can even drive down.

Whether you want to go to Mexicali for the surgery or you want to combine the surgery with a holiday, you can do either. It really depends on whether you want plastic surgery or simply minimally invasive cosmetic treatment for lip augmentation. You can stay in a good hotel and enjoy your time in Mexicali, looking at the museums, cultural and historical attractions, go to parks and gardens, visit tourist sites that are close by or just relax. You will be spoilt for choice as far as food and shopping are concerned.

Why can’t you book on your own for cosmetic procedures in Mexicali?

It may seem simple enough to book with a few clicks and you could be on your way. But you will not be able to verify the information given on the website and if you finally reach your destination and don’t like it, what will you do? Or if you have a botched surgery and need revision surgery afterwards, you will not even have any recourse to legal remedies.

The better option is to book through Medical Departures. We look out for you because we always conduct checks on the background, qualifications and credentials of the doctors working at the clinics we list on our website. We make sure that they have a requisite training and certifications. We also check that the place offers good quality amenities and follow best treatment practices.

How long does lip augmentation take and what is the estimated recovery period?

Depending on the procedure for lip augmentation, the time can vary between half an hour to an hour at the most. Dermal fillers are very easy as they simply require injections. Implants take a little longer as they need to be done under local anesthesia. If you are having surgical enhancement of your lips via dermal graft or lip lift, then you will need sutures that are removed after a few days. If you get the fat transfer then the fat has to be vacuumed from your body.

If you get hyaluronic acid fillers or lip augmentation done by Restylane or Juvederm then there is no downtime. In fact, some doctors recommend using this temporary method for some time and then opting for implant or graft surgery if you are happy with the way you look. If you do have lip augmentation surgery, then you will be required to take care for a week or two.

What is the cost of lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation may cost a little or a lot in the U.S. depending on the doctor and the procedure you want. It can range from USD 400 to USD 5,000. In Mexicali you can pay between USD 400 and USD 1,000 for similar esthetic work.

What now?

Complete you booking formalities for lip augmentation in Mexicali with Medical Departures. Look below for convenient ways to contact us. Our customer care team will answer all your queries and help you with the booking process. After this treatment you will have the fuller and sexier lips that you always wanted.


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