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Lip Enhancement in Mexicali

The Ultimate Guide to Lip Enhancement in Mexicali

Lip enhancement in Mexicali can help you get more generous lips that will be esthetically pleasing and give your facial appearance a boost.

You may have thin lips due to genetic reasons or ageing. It may well be that only the upper lip or the bottom lip is thin and, if you want them to be more symmetrical, you can get only one changed. Apart from that, lip enhancement can also give you bow lips or make your lips wider.

As there are now many methods to get lip enhancement done, you should take medical advice regarding which procedure will be best suited for you. You can undergo either surgery or fillers that are a minimally invasive method for this procedure. Among the different treatment options are:

  • Lip implants – incisions are made and the natural or synthetic implants put into the lips to make them fuller. This is permanent.

  • Injectable fillers – various hyaluronic acid fillers or collagen are used to plump up the lips. This will give quick results, but will need to be repeated at intervals.

  • Fat transfer – fat is removed from your body and then injected to make your lips fuller. As fat is re-absorbed or fat cells die after some time, the procedure will need to be repeated.

There are also more invasive procedures for lip enhancement surgery, but these are done only rarely if no other method is suitable.

Why consider lip enhancement in Mexicali?

Mexicali has excellent medical facilities and trained doctors that offer cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery at reasonable rates without compromising on quality. If you find the cost of surgery unaffordable in your place of residence, then you will certainly find the rates in Mexicali inexpensive. The city is also easily accessible from most places in the U.S. and Canada.

You can also benefit by combining a holiday in Mexicali with surgery or cosmetic treatment, getting a two in one deal. You can have a change of scenery and also experience the culture of another country. You can also shop to your heart’s content and also eat the local foods and global cuisines, both of which are available at all kinds of eateries ranging from fine dining to street foods.

Why can’t you book on your own?

A cursory look at various sites on the internet will throw up many pictures of celebrities and others with botched lip surgeries. If, with all the means at their disposal, they still manage to have such experiences, then you need to be all the more careful, particularly when you are going to a foreign country. After all, you do want to improve your appearance and not make it worse by ending up with any medical problems.

Booking through Medical Departures ensures safety that you will not get when you book on your own. That is because we investigate the qualifications, credentials and background of the doctors working at the clinics and hospitals we list on our website. We make sure that the clinics and hospitals offer quality treatment and follow international protocols for surgery and procedures. We also conduct post treatment interviews with patients if required to make sure that they were happy.

How long does lip enhancement take and what is the estimated recovery period?

The more invasive the surgery, the longer the time taken. If you only have fillers then lip enhancement in Mexicali can take only half an hour. If you have implants or grafts then the process can take one and a half to two hours. If fat has to be removed via liposuction then the procedure is a two step one, as the fat has to be purified and then injected into the lips. For more extensive surgery where skin is cut and stretched and then sutured, you may even need general anesthesia, otherwise local anesthesia is sufficient. For fillers you may not require any sedation as many of them already have an anesthetic mixed in.

After the procedure your lips may feel numb for some time. However, you should feel fine within a day. If you have stitches then you will need to take care for a week and follow medical advice regarding food and drink. Recovery can take up to two weeks for implants and surgery.

What is the cost of lip enhancement? 

The cost of lip enhancement in Mexicali costs, on average, US $1,200  (CAN $1,500; UK £900; EURO €1,100; AUS $1,600; NZ $1,700) compared to an average in the United States of $4,000 (CAN $5,000; UK £3,000; EURO €3,600; AUS $5,500; NZ $5,600)

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