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Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Mexicali

The Ultimate Guide to Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Mexicali

Men - If you have enlarged breasts that are embarrassing then male breast reduction in Mexicali can get rid of the unwanted breasts.

Gynecomastia, as it is medically called, may be a result of obesity or hormonal problems. If you have man boobs or moobs as they are called, you may not want to go shirtless even at the beach and are always conscious about your body. However, since enlarged male breasts may be a symptom of an underlying disorder or disease, then it is best to rule that you before undergoing treatment for breast reduction.

For small fat deposits around the nipples, all you need may be liposuction and wearing compression garments after that for some time. If your boobs are bigger and involve tissue, then surgery is required for a flat chest. If you have both fat and tissue then you will need liposuction as well as surgery.

Why consider male breast reduction in Mexicali?

Most likely your medical insurance will not cover this surgery unless all options have first been exhausted and the underlying cause for this has been treated. When gynecomastia is done for cosmetic reasons, then insurance will not cover the procedure at all. In any case all medical insurance policies are not the same and often there are specific exclusions for this kind of surgery. The male breast reduction surgery will be expensive in the U.S. and Canada and you may well find it unaffordable.

Mexicali is a great place for this surgery as it is close to Canada and the U.S. and plastic surgery is affordable. It has excellent medical facilities and good doctors. You can also combine the plastic surgery with a holiday in Mexicali and take in the tourist attractions, indulge in food and shopping. You can also spend some time recuperating, particularly if you have had surgery and not just liposuction.

Why can’t you book on your own?

The first problem you have when checking on the net is that you will find it difficult to zero in on a place and be able to tell how good it is. The second problem is that unless you give your details you will not know about the price. The third problem is that you will not be in a position to verify the antecedents of the doctors. When surgery already carries with a degree of risk, why would you want to compound your risk factors?

Booking through Medical Departures is a much safer option. We offer the best price guarantee and also greater safety. We always carry out background and other checks on the doctors, including investigating their qualifications, training, experience and credentials. We also ensure that the clinics offer good quality amenities, use modern technology and follow international standards and protocols, such as the ISO’s.

How long does male breast reduction take and what is the estimated recovery period?

The time taken for breast reduction will depend on the procedure. Simple liposuction can be done in much less than an hour. For surgery without liposuction it can take one and a half hours. If you have liposuction combined with surgery then it can take up to two hours. If you have general anesthesia you may have to stay overnight in hospital otherwise you will be able to go home once you are mobile.

Whatever the procedure, you will need bandages and may need drains as well. You will also have pain, swelling and bruising and this will take time to resolve. You can expect a downtime of around a week or two. Complete recovery will take at least six weeks, but you may have some activity restrictions for some time before complete healing. Exercising, swimming and sunbathing can only be done when you have received the medical all clear to do so.

What is the cost of male breast reduction surgery?

In the U.S. and Canada you can pay between USD 4,000 and USD 10,000 for male breast reduction surgery. In Mexicali you can pay between USD 1,000 to USD 2,500 for male breast reduction surgery, a significant saving.

What now?

Don’t suffer from embarrassment any longer, but book your appointment via Medical Departures for male breast reduction in Mexicali. After you have recovered you will have a flat chest that you can show off and not need to cover up any more. Look below for easy ways to contact us. Our customer care team will guide you with the booking process and address all your concerns.

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