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Knee Replacement in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Knee Replacement in Mexico City

The knee joints are weight bearing joints in the body and when you have knee pain, you find it difficult to walk. A knee replacement in Mexico City will enable you to carry out your daily activities with no discomfort when you suffer from knee joint problems - and save you a fortune compared to prices at home.

Arthritis and related disorders can cause problems with knees, resulting in pain that can be debilitating. When pain killers that get stronger with time, steroids, exercise, walking aids and other medical remedies don’t work, and then your doctor may advise knee replacement surgery as the last resort.

Knee replacement surgery is now quite common and effective and the various kinds of different kinds of artificial knee joints now available make it easier. Depending on the deterioration of the knee joints you may require total replacement surgery or be able to do well with partial knee replacement. After the surgery and completing your physiotherapy, you will find that you are more active and can do a lot more so the surgery adds to the quality of your life.

Why consider knee replacement in Mexico City?

You would think that knee replacement surgery is advised by your doctor, so should be covered by insurance. But you may not have medical insurance. Or your co-pay may be too much. Or there may be a waiting list in some countries even if you are covered by government insurance. As you face mobility issues you really want to get the surgery done, but money is a big roadblock.

Mexico City is a favored destination for medical tourists from the U.S. and Canada. It has excellent medical facilities and, as the cost of living is very affordable and it has a large community of expats, you can find that medical treatment and surgery in Mexico City are much cheaper and more affordable. It is also easily accessible from these countries thanks to the short flight times and from some destinations in the U.S. you may even be able to drive across.

Why book Knee Replacements in Mexico City with Medical Deprtures?

If you think you can book on your own, you certainly can. But you will not have the surety that booking from a reputable site like Medical Departures gives you. That is because we carry out in-depth investigations into the qualifications and accreditations of the doctors, clinics and hospitals we list on our website. We check out the qualifications, experience and skill of the doctors, their medical affiliations , such as professional societies like the International Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and even conduct background checks. We do the same for the clinics and hospitals, ensure that they operate according to international standards, have trained staff and offer good quality amenities. We also interview patients after they have undergone surgery to make sure that they had a good experience.

When you book on your own, you cannot go through all these processes. You have to go by the information put on the website and have no way of confirming or verifying the same. Booking though Medical Departures also enables you to get the best price guarantee so it’s a win-win situation for you.

How long does knee replacement take and what is the downtime associated with it?

You may require total knee replacement or partial knee replacement. You may require surgery on one knee or both. There are many different kinds of knee replacement joints available. During total knee replacement all three parts of the knee are replaced with an artificial joint. In partial knee replacement only the affected parts are replaced. As such, the surgery time can vary from 45 minutes to more than three hours. Most of these surgeries are done under general anesthesia. Depending on the kind of surgery done and other medical aspects, you may spend between one and four nights in hospital. It is only after you are mobile will you get the go ahead to leave.

You will have to diligent in your care post surgery. You will need to take painkillers for some time and start exercises as advised. You will also need to use walking aids for some time. You can expect a downtime of at least six weeks; this can be longer or shorter and depends on the kind of surgery you had.

What is the cost of knee replacement in Mexico City?

Total knee replacement is expensive and can range from USD 45,000 to USD 70,000. However, the same surgery in Mexico City will cost you only USD 8,500 to USD 13,500. Despite the extra cost of flight and stay, you will save a great deal of money.

What now?

If you have been medically advised a knee replacement surgery of any kind then don’t wait, just get it done and search our clinics to find your surgeon.

Book now with Medical Departures for safe and affordable surgery. Look below for convenient methods to contact us and you will soon be on your way to knee replacement surgery in Mexico City.

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