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Double Eyelid Surgery in Chiang Mai

The Ultimate Guide to Double Eyelid Surgery in Chiang Mai

A popular procedure for Asians, double eyelid surgery in Chiang Mai offers the chance of excellent quality surgeons, and a fabulous destination for a holiday pre or post treatment.

Around 50% of people from Asia have a single upper eyelid, rather than a double lid which is more common in Westerners. Some people with single lids prefer to have double lids – and this could be for a variety of reasons, whether esthetic or practical.

Am I suitable for double eyelid surgery?

You may want to consider the surgery:

• To open the eye area up, making eyes appear bigger
• It may improve vision as single eyelids may have a heavy, hooded appearance
• To increase self-confidence.

Why should I get Double Eyelid Surgery in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai offers expertise and is a dream destination for many visitors. In the northern part of Thailand in the mountains it offers a cooler climate than the beach resorts, and a more peaceful, tranquil experience. A melting pot of different cultures it has its own unique traditions, and is renowned for good quality spa, health and wellness resorts. There is certainly plenty to entertain visitors before or after any surgery.

In common with other popular medical tourist centres in Thailand, Chiang Mai has a good reputation as far as healthcare facilities and medical expertise is concerned. Doctors are highly-skilled and most speak excellent English. From JCI-accredited facilities to internationally accredited doctors you’ll find that the standards are good.

Booking though Medical Departures ensures that you know before you book that your doctor’s credentials stack-up. We run our own background checks, listing academic qualifications and professional memberships on our site. We also do onsite visits to clinics and hospitals and publish high-definition photos online alongside real patient reviews. Taken together, this information gives you a good overview of what to expect, allowing you to make an informed decision.

How long does double eyelid surgery take and what is the recovery time?

Double eyelid surgery is a relatively quick procedure – taking on average around an hour. You will usually be given a mild sedative and local anesthetic. The surgery to the upper eyelid can be done by the incision and non-incision techniques. The incision technique is permanent as cuts are made into the eyelids to form a natural crease; whereas the non-incision technique uses just sutures to form the crease. This latter technique may only last a few years before it needs to be carried out again. For this reason many are now preferring to have the incision technique, especially as scarring is minimal with modern methods.

The lower lids can also be included in the procedure, but this is generally to remove age-related problems, such as wrinkles and eye bags.

What is the recovery after double eyelid surgery?

Recovery time can seem slow. The swelling and bruising could take a few weeks to subside completely. Stitches are usually removed between 5 and 7 days after the procedure, and many people return to work after a week. If you are in Chiang Mai on holiday there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be out and about within a few days – although you may have to remember to wear sunglasses.

It will take a few weeks before the swelling and bruising has disappeared, and around 6 weeks before you can resume vigorous exercise or activities. It takes between 6 months to a year to heal completely.

What is the cost of double eyelid surgery in Chiang Mai compared to Australia or New Zealand?

The cost of double eyelid surgery in Chiang Ma is about AUD $3,900 (EURO €2,600; UK £2,100; US $3,000; CAN $3,900) compared to average in Australia of AUD $8,000 (EURO €5,300; UK £4,200; US $6,000; CAN $7,800).

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