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In Vitro Fertilization in Chiang Mai

The Ultimate Guide to In Vitro Fertilization in Chiang Mai

Are you looking at combining a holiday abroad with in vitro fertilization. Chiang Mai’s specialist infertility clinics are equipped with the latest technologies to help you conceive your baby, and with Medical Departures you can choose in complete confidence as all our clinics are quality-checked.

The in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure is one of the most effective forms of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) that involves retrieving/ collecting a mature egg from your ovaries and fertilizing it with a sperm inside a medical laboratory dish.

You might wonder, like many other candidates of this procedure, whether children born out of in vitro fertilization would have increased chances of abnormalities. The answer to this is a resounding ‘No’.
Statistics indicate that abnormalities show in about three percent of children conceived in this way, which incidentally, corresponds to the figure of abnormalities in the general population of children born from natural conception. So, what does that mean? If you go for in vitro fertilization in Chiang Mai., you stand a chance to get a healthy baby just exactly the same way you would if you conceived the natural way.

Why get In-vitro Fertilization in Chiang Mai?

In vitro fertilization is a technology-driven procedure, and you’ll be pleased to hear that the latest state-of-the-art innovations are available at clinics in Chiang Mai and that safety and hygiene are in line with international standards.

Doctors in Chiang Mai are just as competent, qualified and experienced as they are at home and you’ll find that many are engaged in ongoing scientific research and development, as well as teaching, remaining fully aware of the newest techniques and developments in fertility.

At Medical Departures we understand the need of our patients to be certain that their trip to a Chiang Mai center is the right choice, particularly in terms of quality standards. No treatment can ever be guaranteed but by going to clinics with verifiable credentials is a good start. we only list clinics that we’re satisfied with, undertaking a number of background checks that include onsite visits, verification of qualifications and online patient testimonials. Fertility problems are stressful, and we aim to make it less so.

Chiang Mai has a unique atmosphere and is a hub for a comprehensive range of complementary medical and holistic services to avail yourself of in order to help you relax and reduce anxiety. In addition, the serene natural surroundings of this part of the world also provide a calm and tranquil backdrop which can be beneficial in overcoming anxiety which may contribute to fertility problems.

How long does in-vitro fertilization procedure take and what is the recovery time?

In-vitro fertilization consists of five main steps which include:

Monitoring and stimulating the development of healthy eggs in the ovary using prescribed fertility medications. At this stage, multiple eggs are always required as some may not fully develop or fertilize the egg after retrieval.

Retrieval of the eggs is the second stage where a minor surgical procedure that uses ultrasound imaging to guide a hollow needle through the pelvic cavity is used.

After the egg is retrieved, it is now the time of the male to produce a sample sperm which is prepared and stored awaiting combination with the egg.

Combining both the egg and the sperm in a laboratory dish to encourage fertilization is another phase. The process is also known as insemination. If the probability of fertilization is low; which is always a rare case, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)-a single sperm injected directly into an egg to achieve fertilization may be necessary.

The last stage is transferring the embryo into the woman’s uterus where a catheter or small tube is inserted into the uterus to make the swap. This usually is done three to five days following egg retrieval and fertilization.

After going through the stages involved in in-vitro fertilization, you’ll realize that large amounts of physical and emotional energy and time are important to make this procedure a success. And, after the procedure, you should also take it easy on yourself. However, recovery time usually varies from one patient to another, but, in many cases, most women can resume duties one or two days after the surgery.

What is the cost of In-vitro Fertilization in Chiang Mai compared to Australia?

In vitro Fertilization in Chiang Mai will cost around AUD $ (UK £; US $; EUR €) compared to $ in Australia (UK £; US $, EUR €)

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