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Mommy Makeover in Chiang Mai

The Ultimate Guide to Mommy Makeover in Chiang Mai

Did you just have a baby and you are now concerned that some parts of your body have been altered beyond natural repair? Then it’s time for a mommy makeover in Chiang Mai to roll your clock back right to your pre-baby shape.

If you remember how your body shape was right before pregnancy, then, that is what the mommy makeover procedure tries to fix.

Many parts of the body can often become altered during and after childbearing period. Your stomach skin can stretch, and your breasts may sag or become flat as they lose their elasticity.

At Medical Departures, we understand how badly mums would love to recover their post-pregnancy bodies and that’s why we have examined, assessed and listed various clinics in Chiang Mai and certified experts specialized in body contouring and reconstructive plastic surgery to help you get the figure you have always relished all your life.

Why get a Mommy Makeover in Chiang Mai?

Alongside Singapore and China, Thailand accounts for ninety percent of Asia’s medical tourism market. Every year, a growing number of foreigners plan their medical travel around a Thailand holiday. On the tourism front, Thailand has been a leading destination. For patients visiting from Australia, UK, New Zealand and other parts of Asia, a mommy makeover in Chiang Mai is safe, affordable and effective.

While low plastic surgery costs have been the greatest influence on attracting medical travelers, western accreditation is also a vital component for foreign patients coming to Chiang Mai. Thailand facilities are among Southeast Asia’s best. There are many hospitals and clinics who are recipients of the United States’ prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) certification, which is seen as the gold standard for healthcare service providers around the world.

Medical Departures also do their own quality checks confirming doctors qualifications and licenses as well as procedures adopted by the clinic toward safety and hygiene. Patients’ reviews, online verifications and legal records are also important as they play a part in our quality checks. This is usually carried out to make sure our patients are safe and get the finest services.

How long does the mommy makeover procedure take and what is the recovery time?

Before considering a mommy makeover, it is important to understand that the procedure is not a weight loss treatment. If you are on a weight loss program and have not reached your ideal weight, then a mommy makeover is not recommended until you reach your goal.

Mommy makeover is usually a combination of various plastic surgery procedures to help a woman look and feel more like she did prior to pregnancies and childbirth. Most often, two or more procedures may be performed to achieve the required results. This can include tummy tuck (to remove loose skin and regain firmness) and breast enhancement (either breast lift and/or breast augmentation). Other patients may also need liposuction to help with body contouring. As a mommy makeover is tailor-made to each individual, it is best if you consult with your plastic surgeon to decide on the procedures you will undergo.

After the surgeries (which are usually performed together), recovery is likely to be uncomfortable, but the good news is that you only have to endure one recovery time. For some patients, the first and the second weeks are likely to be hard work as you will feel a certain amount of discomfort, stiffness and tiredness. However, after three weeks, you will feel pretty well but should not do heavy tasks until your sixth week.

What is the cost of mummy makeover in Chiang Mai compared to Australia and NZ?

The costs of a mommy makeover procedures vary depending on the nature and number of procedures to be carried out. The rates in Australia are practically higher, AUD $18,600 compared to what you will pay in Chiang Mai.

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