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The Ultimate Guide to Radiesse in Chiang Mai

With age, compounded by stress, sun damage, pollution and other factors, you may develop wrinkles and lines at a younger age than ever before. If you want some minimally invasive treatment done to look younger then Radiesse in Chiang Mai may be the solution you are looking for. This dermal filler is biocompatible and usually suitable for most people. The filler is injected near wrinkles and folds and plumps them out, smoothing the skin, and giving you a younger and fresher looking appearance.

Among the kind of problems areas Radiesse can address are nose to mouth folds, deep wrinkle filling, smile lines, lip and augmentation. It can also be used for filling out a small nose, for jaw line contouring and even for hands that show signs of wrinkling. The injections give fast results, reducing downtime. What’s more, because of its composition and the way it works, Radiesse gives longer lasting results when compared to various hyaluronic acid fillers. It uses calcium based microspheres that give you the plumper look, before they are absorbed, they stimulate the formation of natural collagen so as the calcium is absorbed the natural collagen takes its place.

Why consider Radiesse in Chiang Mai?

Cosmetic treatments are quite expensive in Australia, so if you are already going for a holiday to Chiang Mai, you can get some work done on the cheap. In Thailand, medical procedures and cosmetic treatments are very competitively priced and affordable. The doctors and technicians there are well trained since they have a great deal of experience.

Chiang Mai is a popular tourist destination. It has many tourist attractions that include museums, temples, scenic places and rainforests. There are also a number of interesting sites within and around the city that are currently being considered by UNESCO as world heritage sites. You can find lots to see and do there. When you are Chiang Mai you get to eat the best of cuisines, not to overlook the local delicacies. And the hotels are affordably priced as well and available at different price points.

Why book Radiesse in Chiang Mai with Medical Departures?

Chiang Mai is a medical tourism hub and has excellent medical facilities, clinics and hospitals. However, there are some places which may not have a good reputation and you will not learn about this till you get treatment done at such a place. Radiesse may be generally safe, but in the hands of an unskilled technician you can suffer from lumpiness or unevenness or even swelling at unwanted places. Or you can suffer some kind of reactions.

You can minimize your risks by going to an appropriately certified doctor. At Medical Departures we always carry out background checks on the doctors practicing at the clinics and hospitals we list on our website and make sure that they are board certified, have the necessary education, training and qualifications and the experience. We also investigate the clinics and hospitals to see that they have the desired amenities and follow international standards and protocols. This gives you a safety net when you book through Medical Departures.

How long does treatment with Radiesse take and what is the downtime associated with it?

When you meet with the doctor you he or she will check as to your goals and the condition of your face or other places you want treatment done. Then you can decide together what you want to get done and where. You will then be taken in for treatment with Radiesse. You will probably require a topical or local anesthetic and then get the injections. You will also be told about how to take care of your skin immediately and for some time. You may have a bit of swelling and perhaps a bit of bruising at the site of the injections, but some people don’t even experience that.

It may be necessary to use an ice pack to reduce the swelling. You will be told not to move your facial muscles too much and also not massage the area till the product has settled down. You will also need to avoid heavy sun exposure and heat for two days. The final result can take a few weeks to be apparent.

What is the cost of Radiesse treatment?

When you get Radiesse done in Australia you can pay between AUD 700-1,000 per syringe (depending on size). It will cost you a fraction of the price in Chiang Mai.

What now?

If you are going for a holiday to Chiang Mai then lock in your appointment for cosmetic treatments via Medical Departures. Look below to contact us and complete your booking. Our customer care team will address all your queries.

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This article is meant for information purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice or instructions for medical diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your doctor or a qualified medical professional before starting or changing medical treatment.

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