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Vaginoplasty in Chiang Mai

The Ultimate Guide to Vaginoplasty in Chiang Mai

Loss of sensation in the vagina due to looseness can lead to sexual problems. Vaginoplasty in Chiang Mai can help treat this and other problems like loss of muscle tone or urinary incontinence. Other reasons for vaginoplasty include congenital abnormalities or disease, laxity and loss of muscle tone due to many vaginal deliveries, menopause or other hormonal problems. Surgery can address all these problems and improve sexual function and reduce urinary incontinence.

During a vaginoplasty procedure, which is done in different ways, the extra skin is removed, the muscles tightened and so the vagina becomes narrower. This surgery may be combined with other procedures like labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, repair of bladder hernia and G-spot enhancement. The surgery can be done by cutting with a scalpel or via laser which is bloodless and has a shorter recovery period.

Why consider vaginoplasty in Chiang Mai?

As it is a cosmetic procedure you have to pay for it and it is expensive in Australia. Thailand is one of the top medical destinations that are easily accessible from Australia. In Chiang Mai you can have a great holiday and also get reasonably priced surgery. It has an international airport and you can easily get a flight to Chiang Mai from most cities in Australia.

Chiang Mai has the usual tourist attractions like museums, sites, zoos, gardens, wildlife sanctuaries and more. But it also has off-beat museums, night markets, walking streets and a huge range of cuisines on offer ranging from fine dining global cuisines to local street food. It is also a place where you can enjoy nature thanks to the fact that it is at the foothills of the Himalayas, has rainforests and waterfalls and good weather.

Why book Vaginoplasty in Chiang Mai with Medical Departures.?

Cosmetic surgery is like other surgeries and has an element of risk. However, you opt to have cosmetic surgery unlike surgery that is required. So you not only have to pay for it but you also bear a greater onus on making sure that it goes well and that you made the right decision to get it done. It is difficult for you to check the details of the doctors and clinics that have their own sites for booking as you are given only positive information.

When you book through Medical Departures you have minimal risk. We also offer the best price guarantee. We can do this because we check out the credentials, qualifications and experience of the doctors practicing at the clinics and hospitals we list on our website. We carry out post surgery patient interviews to get feedback. We also see that the clinics and hospitals have good amenities and follow hygiene standards and other international protocols including use of modern equipment and devices.

How long does vaginoplasty take and what is the estimated recovery period?

When performed alone, Vaginoplasty is a relatively simple procedure and can take between one and one and half hours. The surgery involves cutting and tightening muscles and removing excess skin and then suturing, making the vagina narrower. The surgeon has to be skilled and experienced so that no nerve is cut. When vaginoplasty is combined with other surgical procedures, you can spend as much as three hours in the operating theatre.

You will have bandages after surgery and require painkillers and antibiotics. You can expect to rest for two to three days after surgery and you will feel pain and discomfort like after a delivery. You may need to take about a week off from work. Healing can take four to six weeks and you will have to follow instructions as to the care of the area and resumption of normal activities.

While a vaginoplasty can be done using traditional surgical methods or modern laser, there is also a minimally invasive laser vaginoplasty procedure that can take as little as 20 minutes and has virtually no downtime. For longer lasting results this has to be done as a series, evenly spaced out.

What is the cost of vaginoplasty in Chiang Mai?

Australia is expensive and you pay between AUD 6,000 to AUD 10,000 for vaginoplasty. In Chiang Mai, your costs come down significantly and you pay AUD 1,600 to AUD 2,000 for simple vaginoplasty. Additional procedures, if combined with vaginoplasty, will cost more.

What now?

Sexual dysfunction and urinary problems are both a cause for concern. If you think vaginoplasty is the answer then book with Medical Departures for vaginoplasty in Chiang Mai. Look below for easy ways to contact us. If you have any questions or apprehensions, our customer care team will help you out and also streamline the booking process. So go ahead and lock in your appointment

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