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Breast Reduction in Pattaya

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Reduction in Pattaya

Unhappy with your big breasts that come with their own set of problems? Get breast reduction surgery in Pattaya to reduce the size of your boobs. You will not only immediately lose some weight, but also feel better about yourself and be able to wear the clothes you always wanted. You will also be able to buy bras more easily and in a bigger variety as large cup size bras are often not easily available or are not very varied in design.

More importantly, after reduction mammoplasty, you will able to get rid of:

  • Shoulder, neck and back pain
  • Problems with exercising and swimming
  • Bad posture
  • Loss of confidence
  • Bra straps digging into your skin
  • Sleeplessness due to breast discomfort
  • Excess weight

For all these reasons and more you should consider breast reduction surgery. You will look slimmer and feel better.

Why should you get breast reduction done in Pattaya?

Cosmetic surgery is something that you probably put off because of the high cost of such surgery in Australia. But the same surgery, done in Pattaya, will be reasonably priced and eminently affordable. You can also combine a holiday in Pattaya, which is a popular tourist destination, with the plastic surgery.

If you have apprehensions about the skill and expertise of medical facilities in Pattaya, you need not worry. The doctors in Pattaya have similar qualifications as those in the western world and have often got their medical degrees in western countries in any case.They are also signed up to the same international professional organizations that surgeons the world over are. The medical facilities in the city are state of the art and you will not feel shortchanged on any score.

Is it easy to book on your own?

You can do an internet search and hit upon numerous sites that promise a good deal. But you are going in for cosmetic surgery, that too in a foreign country. As such, you really do not want to take any risks, do you? If you book through Medical Departures, you are assured of a great experience. We actually carry out checks and investigations into the quality of medical care, the genuineness of the clinic and the certifications of the doctors.

You really should not be doing this on your own. If any clinic and staff do not meet our high standards, we do not list them. So whichever clinic or package you choose when you book with us, you know that you will get the breast reduction surgery that you require.

What is the time frame for the surgery and the recovery time afterwards?

Reduction mammoplasty surgery can take between three and five hours, depending on the size of your breasts and the placing of the incisions. There are many different kinds of incisions that leave a varied degree of scarring. After the cuts are made, the surgeon removes tissue and fat, reshapes the breasts and does the suturing. The nipples may also be repositioned. You may be required to stay overnight in the hospital or the doctor may send you home, depending on the surgery and your health.

Within two to three weeks you should recover. Initially you will require painkillers and it is also important to make sure that you are using bandages or tapes or surgical bras as the doctor advises and clean out the drains, if any. Complete recovery may take up to six weeks. It may take a couple of months for the breasts to get a final shape.

What is the cost of breast reduction in Pattaya compared to Australia and New Zealand?

The average cost of a breast reduction in Pattaya is around AUD $3,800 (GBP £1,850; US $2,700; €2,400) compared to $18,000 in Australia (UK £8,700; US $12,700, EUR €11,500)

What now?

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