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Breast Revision in Pattaya

The Ultimate Guide to Breast Revision in Pattaya

If you have had a breast augmentation procedure, at some time or the other you may require breast revision in Pattaya. At times, after implants are put in the breasts and the breasts assume their final shape, you may find that they have become asymmetrical. Or one or both of your implants may deflate. Or one or both implants may have leaked or shifted position. You may suffer from capsular contracture which happens when the tissues tighten around the implants and cause pain. Occasionally it may happen that the breast tissue changes due to weight gain or weight loss. You may be unhappy with the size and want to change the implants.

Since implants are not permanent, it may also be that they have lasted their life time and you need to get them changed. In any of these instances, you will need breast revision surgery. Revision may be required soon after the original procedure or a few months or even years later.

Why consider breast revision in Pattaya?

Wherever you have had your original surgery, you can still have revision surgery in Pattaya. Since breast revision surgery is a cosmetic procedure, you do have to pay for it and, it may even cost more than a regular augmentation procedure, so is not cheap. Pattaya is a good option since you can combine a holiday with this cosmetic surgery procedure.

In Pattaya you can enjoy the beaches, the sea and water activities, golf or just take in the party atmosphere. In fact it is a premier party destination. You can visit temples of different religions, go to shows, see the tropical gardens, go the walking street which has no traffic in the night, but lots to do. You can also find accommodations to suit your budget. It is best to get your holiday in while you are consulting with the plastic surgeon and use the rest of your holiday to recuperate before you fly back home.

Why can’t you book on your own?

Whether or not you had a bad experience in the first instance, you should not take any risk with revision surgery. It is all the more important that your revision surgery go well. If you book on your own, you will not know about the doctor’s skill, qualifications and experience. You will not be able to tell how good the clinic or hospital is.

As such, it is best to book through Medical Departures. We give you a best price guarantee and we also minimize your risk by carrying out an in-depth investigation of the doctors working at the clinics and hospitals. We check out their accreditations, qualifications, training and experience to ensure that you will not get shortchanged. We also make sure that the clinics have high international standards.

How long does breast revision take and what is the downtime associated with it?

Depending on the kind of surgery you require and how much work is needed for your breast revision surgery, it can take between one and four hours. You may be under general or local anesthesia. Most often you will be allowed to leave the hospital after you are alert and conscious, though you may choose to stay overnight, depending on your surgery. After surgery you will have bandages and drains and then wear a surgical bra and should know how to take care of the sutures and drains.

You will be on painkillers and antibiotics and you may choose to take a pain pump instead to deal with the pain. It is best to rest for a few days post surgery, though you can resume most normal activities within a day, except for heavy lifting and exercise. You will require at least two weeks before you can restart other activities, though complete recovery can take four to six weeks.

How much does breast revision surgery cost?

As this surgery is more complicated than the initial one, it often costs more. The cost depends on what kind of procedures are required, whether you need a lift as well, you need fresh implants and other factors. The price can range from AUD 5,000 to AUD 15,000. In Pattaya you can expect to pay AUD 5,000 upwards for complicated procedures.

What now?

Breast revision surgery becomes a necessity in most cases (unless you are seeking only a size difference). As such you really should not wait, but book now with Medical Departures. Look below for easy ways to contact us. Our customer care team will help you with the booking process and answer all your queries.

Breast revision surgery in Pattaya will restore your breasts so that they look more normal.

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